Saturday, January 27, 2018

Thoughts And Prayers

 Lord,thank you for waking me up this morning,let today be positive,productive and prosperous,please give me serenity,and bless all those in need. writing to me requires some since of reality,honesty,personal experiences,not necessarily your personal experiences. It’s not easy ,but I’ve learned to push past the pain,the ill will towards me,the things of my past which were not so pleasant.I know that I’m not the best person,a great heart,but down right fkd up at times, but one of the hardest things is knowing who and what you are and actually to except that.When I start to get discouraged my go to is the sympathetic thoughts that there’s always someone who’s in a worst position than me. Thoughts And Prayers; go out to anyone that needs them. I also ask for your thoughts and prayers as I journey through my life issues as well. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to click that follow button and comment as well.

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