Friday, April 15, 2016

Leap Of Faith

As I ponder the thought should I ? Should I take that leap,that motion into that dark place,that journey outside of my comfort zone and into that awkward position also feeling of vulnerability ,man this is hard,but it shouldn't be,it should be like that time,that time when.. well you know that time,and I'm smiling now,yes I'm smiling.. like only you can make me,I'm thinking,like only you can make me,I'm hoping,hoping to be that person that I once was which seems such a distant memory distorted by a bunch of bad choices and negative energy,that person you believed I could be,you were always so supportive without even trying,effortlessly displaying what it means to be a real woman and that shit you are. Great company, great conversation,and some amazing sex. You're amazing and also beautiful person wife material, with you I see those long meaningful conversations while picnicking in the park, a seat for two hugged up watching our favorite flicks you know,building memories. There's nothing wrong with your mate,significant other being your best friend. I want to get back to when my heart use to have a pulse & one beat belongs to you. Now I've jumped and hope to land on my feet,will I ?

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