Thursday, November 24, 2016

Alone On Thanksgiving (a short story)

He turns over in his big bed to the annoying sound of his iPhone alarm going off thinking in his mind, why did I set this damn thing?!?! Sighs as he listens to National Lampoon's Thanksgiving Family Reunion movie playing on the tv trying to figure out what he had to be thankful for. Up and adam,take a look in the mirror rub his head then off to the bathroom to shit,shower,shave. Hop out the shower,now wrapped in nothing but his towel he heads to the kitchen to fix himself a drink,took a few swallows then fire up a cigarette contemplating what he would be doing this thanksgiving day. A few missed calls,a few Facebook messages wishing his a happy holiday and several invitations for dinner,but that never bothered him before,he's always been kinda a loner so why should this day be any different?besides,how'd it look me just showing up out of the blue when I'm never around otherwise?. Taking a look in the refrigerator damn..didn't do any shopping! hmmm,guess I'd better get dressed and go pick up something. Sadly most if not pretty much all restaurants are closed today,well at least the ones that he desired anyway.Not being very much of a cook it would be kinda hard to prepare a descent meal on such short notice.About an hour had now passed,several grocery stores and mini marts later he managed to russell up a few items. Home sweet home,nothing important going,no company,well maybe later;).. he jumped back into his sleep ware to get comfy warmed up his frozen turkey dinner took a place in front of the tv with his drink took a sip and said to himself Happy Thanksgiving to me. The moral of this well there is no moral,we place rules on everything and everybody. I say if you're a big family person keep right on there's nothing wrong with that,but if you're not then that's your choice,but never be afraid to change that if that is what your heart desires people especially family while they do have the tendency to disappoint can in some instances surprise you as well. A Happy Thanksgiving to all

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