Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Who The Fk Are You?!?!?!

The ability hide behind plastic,microchips,air waves has your ego floating in outer space somewhere; fallacy galaxy;to create,fabricate,falsify information,say all the shit that you could,would never say face to face;if that’s your real face by the way,or just your catfish costume,but this isn’t Halloween, and your tricks are your character,merely child’s play;here you can be all the shit that you never could seem to be in the real world,eye to eye,why;when it’s clearly so much easier to build this image,this illusion from a far,shit man;common as shoes are to feet,hmm,if only I had to listen to myself speak the regurgitated nonsense which I’ve clearly been brainwashed into believing is original;traveling in packs so long,can’t distinguish myself from the crowd anymore,but really;who are you?,take away the mask,the gadgets,armed with common sense,physical communication,reality,honesty,who the fk are you?!?!?!

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