Monday, April 2, 2018

The Search, The Casual Encounters, & Meeting Someone

Please,don’t make this weird;we’re both here looking,searching for that something;that something which completes us,intrigues is,holds our attention,meets our expectations realistic or not,casual conversation,connections which eventually leads to physical encounters,experiences,moments which may or may not lead to something substantial,rolling those dice,being honest and forthcoming in your endeavors of the heart,we ALL need affection,someone to communicate with,though our opinions and preferences may differ there’s always tact,the act of being respectful. So many people,options,characteristics;keep to those values,but also keep an open mind,staying open the possibilities,the clocks always ticking,but your quality of life depends on how you choose to live,because no matter how,who or what you encounter,your happiness solely depends upon your choices🚻XOXO

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