Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Fetishized Sadness

I love this saying;yeah so;everyone has issues,problems,good days,bad days,turmoils,troubles,moments of desperation,painful experiences,some worse off than others,but that’s argumentative. Everyone thinks that what they’re going through is the worst thing to ever happen to anyone,and I know,the woe is me know it alls will say;hey man,blah blah blah,that’s not true etc etc,you know denial. I can’t say I’m prone to doing this,but getting better at listening to my advice of,STOP!;take a hard look around,notice that there’s always someone who is or has gone through worse;see the beautiful,embrace the now not the dream. Even though you have this idea of how things should be,chances are they’ll never be exactly what you want or expected. Dreams are good when they’re good dreams, but when we dream at some point we wake up,and most of the time I can’t really remember what I’ve dreamt about.

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