Friday, April 6, 2018

Illuminati, Illuminotme;Propaganda, Protocols , People, Power

I’m going to start this post off by quoting something from 2pac and that’s “only the real people know this some of the realist stuff that I ever wrote” so there really is never any protocol for most of the stuff that I write,just to make you think I guess;many of us are constantly looking,seeking a source for enlightenment,knowledge,answers to what we think we cannot understand,reasons for everything. We look to leaders for guidance,dwell on the insufficient,and chase the superficial. I’m here to say today that most of this if not all is bullshit!;there are infinite options on everything from A to Z so tell me how the hell can you place merit on any specific one; everyone and everything has a process or protocol once again that’s from A to Z,control is a very strong and powerful word,currency,policy,law,you really think that you need someone or something to decide who you are,what you are,how you should live and so on?the mind controls everything about you;your will,your way. Leaders;president who? man don’t get me wrong respect is a given to me so I will not disrespect another persons being,until I’m disrespected and even then there’s a protocol for that,but acknowledgement is earned,I don’t care who you are;and pardon me but fk your heritage or lineage when it concerns the fate and well being of a mass majority of people,a black president means nothing personally if my life doesn’t change,everything is social man;this is all entertainment on some level,there has been and continue to be a system,protocol if you will for everything,nothing happens for no reason,the *leverage* sees to that. Racism is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever had the displeasure of seeing,one human being fighting against another because of their differences in appearance,that’s some of the most pathetic crap ever. Gay this,gay that,men becoming women,women becoming men,ok so when did we get to the point where we became Gods?the word ego;back to the word control;instead of value we seek devalue,destruction of life,humanity,why is that not so important,destroying the structure of our being,choices being made by people who could give a shit less about anything other than personal interest and agendas and no regard to life if you don’t fit protocol.Oh,and this Illuminati bs; please shut the fk up already! Why try to blow up something so insufficient;if someone is that stupid to put themselves into such a ridiculous situation then that’s on that dumb ass.Distracted by this cesspool of false empowerment,seeking self worth in making fools of ourselves. To be a hypocrite means to clearly say one thing then to do the total opposite. I’m the same person everyday,sometimes harsh,sometimes rude,sometimes indecisive,sometimes cynical, sometimes sarcastic,but consistent,you know who I am,but that’s the point,be who you are,we don’t need another hero,just more people willing to change the status quo

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