Sunday, May 10, 2015

You don't like it?Who the hell cares!

I know in this day & time that everyone won't approve the stuff that I have to say,but who the hell cares..quit hurting people with your bullying,your baseless taunting,deceitful & manipulative lies to gain ones support.Nowadays everybody wants to be ego stroked or praised for doing nothing,well I say f*** praise! & ego means about as much to me as a cup with a hole in the bottom,pointless or useless. If I don't talk like I was raised inside a cage or cave nobody's clapping..nobody's giving me a million views..sharing & sending me fn what,I'm still voicing my opinions & that's just what they are my view on things no matter how close some of my stuff hit close or touch nerves keep the vanity I'm not talking specifically to or for anyone personally. I do feel the need to open my eyes & accept that this world is not the big circus that a large percentage would portray it as,but money is money I guess,& most will do just about anything to get their share.Education didn't start in schools,a lot of our ancestors were self educated people (think about that) live life & have fun doing it,but know that ignorance is bliss & there is a fine line between having fun & the assassination of ones character. People can & will say & do things to destroy you in order to uplift themselves,but to me,when you not liked or welcomed with open arms by the masses you're either misunderstood, doing or saying something right,or perhaps just a flat out p-o-s.. where do you fit in 

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