Friday, May 8, 2015

The Society Of Parenthood

(Me)Mom I'm pissed...
(Me) I was telling your granddaughter to do something yesterday & her hard head wouldn't listen so I tapped her with the belt, & I mean tapped her 
(Mom)Oh boy
What happened?
(Me)she had a fit telling her mom I'm going to tell my teacher that dad abused me 
(Mom)Are you serious!
(Me)Then she (her mom) lashes out at me as if she agreed with her
(Mom)Have she gone mad?
(Mom)I'm sorry but you live in a mad house 
(Mom) don't know how she(other daughter) made it
(Me) I mean mom I wasn't even serious..I was just getting her attention, It wasn't even a hard tap
(Mom)So what you think is going to happen now
(Mom)What kind of woman/mother couldn't or wouldn't see that? 
(Mom)So what you think is going to happen now?                                           (Me) Like?nothing is going to I said she got her feeling hurt & did the typical new age child bs,you can't discipline me or I'm going to yell child abuse
(Mom) You have to be careful with that stuff now 
(Me) I'm just upset that I have that type of child,the one that is manipulative & vindictive & doesn't want to follow rules unless it's on their terms
(Mom) That's bad 
(Me) Like I said before you have a world full of unconcerned, misguided,honestly abusive,lowdown,dastardly parents in this world but I'm not one of them
(Me)It's easy to let a child disrespect you and tell you no,that they will not do what you say,talk back,call you nasty names,curse you out with profanity and in some instances swing on you or even hit you,
That's where she(my daughters mom) is headed 
(Me) I'm pissed because at what point are we as parents allowed to do just that,be parents,when did it become a debate on who's the child and who's the parent?that every little disciplinary action is considered "abuse"
(Mom) You are correct but unfortunately it's a delicate situation and they are always on the child side 
(Me) Side?,are me and my child against each other?..there is no side..only parents and children and a society of individuals trying to bully my sense of direction in a world where we frown upon just that,bullying...     How do you think for yourself when the thinking is being done for you! at what point do we have the right to make valid and adequate choices in or own lives concerning our kids?Understanding that there will always be bad apples on every apple tree,and as much as they want to believe that everyone should adhere to one set standard,we are all individual,and no one set standard can practically apply to everyone with there being so many different dynamics 

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