Thursday, May 28, 2015

Building Your Internet Presence

In this day and time everyone wants to get ahead of the rat race to get seen,heard,sit on top of the big internet search lists,PR 1 thru 9 ranking,do follow-no follow,good solid SEO standings,back links,ad placement,media marketing? All of these things contribute to where you stand in the Internet world. Truthfully everything that you're hearing in this post has been said in a million different ways a million times and I for one found it all to be a bit overwhelming,tedious,time consuming and very difficult because see if you're just the average joe trying to get that small website or business out there you're not only fighting against the big fish,but the never ending amount of content spread across the World Wide Web,and how do you begin to combat that? Well from my little experience,and I do mean little,my understanding is that it's never the amount of content or links that you build,but the authenticity of each link/how much work that you put into them,because you can have thousands of links,working,non working,irrelevant content pages,no follow links which are really not nearly as helpful as your do follow links,but they need content to become relevant so it's a good idea to check the links created and if possible add your own personal content if possible.Something helpful is to ping your internet content at least once a month to speed up the crawling process which is what the search engines do to update their information. It is not mandatory to submit websites(even though It may speed up notability of your site some)it's not mandatory because it is the webs job/mission to keep up to date information and as regularly as possible. My opinion is as I said good solid links,the higher the better,marketing if you can because scared money don't make money:) within reason and stick to reputable sources and most visited sites to be sure to get your money's worth. It's all about your brand/branding yourself,remember,the more people see the more they understand or accept things. If you need more information just comment or email me and do follow👌

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