Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Who Wants That?

What's real?real is the thought that I'd lay down my life for what I believe in..& that I hold dear to my heart,not just sit in the back talking somebody else's talk.I don't proclaim to be no killer, but if it's your thought to cause me bodily harm then I won't think twice..more than words,we have all these fake ass dudes walking around throwing up signs and claiming to be so hardcore but got all of that literature from a damn movie or something like that,anybody that's associated with the projects in any way,associated with the hood in any way,starred down that gun at any point,went hungry struggling for that next meal they know,I ain't about to glorify s***! Oops...did I use profanity?you Not supposed to let anyone hear you speak that way!...(but it's ok as long as the rest of the world doesn't hear you😁in the privacy of your own home.So look this way,you don't see the gold grillz,you don't see me talking that gangsta talk,my pants don't hang off my ass,every other word that comes out of my mouth isn't nig** now,I appreciate the small things in life,I appreciate the touch and company of a beautiful woman,and know that beauty doesn't limit to some skinny supermodel perception. I appreciate each and every meal that I receive,the shoes that I put on my feet,but I tell you something that I don't appreciate is these so called religious ones out there finding God then condemning the rest of the world that doesn't follow you,more than words is the fact that instead of looking down at the world try working to spread that message to others and not the big bad bully on the playground way😏 I'm not so quick to prove how bad I 
am anymore,more than words prove it to who?thought,it's pointless ..well it's like I said before perception is a funny thing & a lot of these people out here nowadays have a serious problem with fact & fiction,because if it's not wrapped in a pretty little package then who wants that?

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