Monday, May 28, 2018

💙Love ✌🏾 Peace 😌Positivity 🧘🏾‍♂️Good Vibes ❌⭕️Hugs And Kisses❌⭕️

I was just sitting here thinking,and thought I’d share some of my ways to preserve mental stability,sanity,thought span,a healthy mind,a healthy body,a healthy life.One way is to make sound choices,arguments are toxic in my book,fighting,knowing when to,from what to wear,eat,daily routines limit overthinking and mental stress as well limiting the extras,if you’re going out of your way to whatever chances are it’s probably not needed or excessive.Expand your eating range,smaller meals spaced out,now you don’t have to go healthy crazy,easing up on the fast food,the ease of fast food access literally can control your mind,we know it’s not good for us,but the thought of being able to grab and go overrides sensibility,there are better choices and options that won’t kill you on time and effort with just a little bit of preplanning,what we put in our bodies does affect how it functions. Going easy on the alcohol,a hard one for me,but goes without saying the health benefits.Protecting your mind,the things that you hear and choose to let inside of your head,take your focus will do exactly that,there’s no point in wasting brain energy on things that can’t be controlled,avoided or prevented right?Stretch,stretching maybe 10 minutes a day,this relaxes you,gets the blood flowing and also keeps the body more limber as well.Reading,I’m not saying go full on bookworm,but a chapter,a paragraph,something simple to keep the mind exercising on some level definitely makes a difference.Lemon water,although simple you’d be surprised of the benefits this little tweak possesses.Sex,yes sexual contact,stimulation is an important part as well,a release can work wonders on your overall mental mindset,lessening tension,exercise and I myself tend to be a lot more focused as a result.Communication, conversation,connecting with others positively is very healthy. Our everyday lives will always be filled with choices so common sense in choosing wisely.Maybe this will be helpful,I’ll end this one with saying see things for what they are,not what you wish they were or want you want them to be

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