Wednesday, May 16, 2018

It Is What It Is

Why should I inhibit myself because of your perception of me or the way that life should be. Fk your thoughts when they involve hindering or distorting my journeys path,my life success,me being myself. Fk your feelings when they don’t involve me, I mean if they don’t include sensitivity towards mine as well,acknowledgement that regardless of however you’re feeling that doesn’t cloud sound judgement as far as I’m concerned;it’s okay to be selfish,especially when the world is so damn self absorbed, I guess I can appreciate the selflessness in you, but it’s only when it’s on the board?🤔 personally I think personality flaws are universal so..I say this nonjudgmental,none bias,so open minded right now, so self aware,free from dictatorship,hastily firing blind shots in the wrong direction,seeking misguided guidance could never be me;accountability.. bridges are not always burned,some just get old and can’t be crossed unless repaired if at all possible.

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