Sunday, December 23, 2018

What’s Love But Feelings Of Feelings Of Things That..

I love it when;you look at me and smile that way,you put your hand on my arm near my shoulder if we cool like that,matter of fact the way you act cool,confident with who you are,take your time and in the moments,can be so complex,crazy,compassionate conscious,you can enjoy the simple things in life,we can talk to one another,share a real conversation taking in each other’s points of view,how selfish yet selfless you can be,your not afraid to be wrong,show your true feelings,learn,you’re being considerate of others,being honest and straight forward,you’re just in that moment,being spontaneous and carefree,simple,modest and humble,affectionate and attentive,you look me in the eyes when speaking,shake my hand firmly,kiss me like it’s your last.Don’t assume that everything that I say is about you,this isn’t a personal love poem, but a written love of people and things because most of all I love it when you can express yourself😍 Peace✌🏾 Love💙 Unity🤝 Respect ✊🏾🙏🏾

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