Sunday, December 9, 2018

Living, Laughing, Loving, Karma & Accountability

The way that we choose to live life when we’re young will probably never change,carefree without any conscious,never worried about what the future holds,much less remorseful about the feelings of others or consequences that may arrive in time to come. The objective of this post is not to downplay anyone’s youth,nor to sway anyone in any direction on how they choose to live their life,truthfully people are going to do whatever it is that they want to do anyways,we love to figure out any ole reason to justify our means right,but a thought process is always helpful,by all means live your life,have fun,be wild and free,experience,experiment,explore,do wtf you want to do,but on that same sentiment don’t expect anything different from what you’re putting out there,sure people can change,sure times change,but some damages,repercussions don’t. This is more of a self aware blog post more than anything. Know your limits,weigh the longterm effects are. It’s true that we are a nation of expecters, always expecting some shit to go our way regardless of what we’ve done,been or whatever the circumstances may be. Although that may work for some,you have to be prepared that everyone will not and doesn’t want to deal with all of your bs.

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