Thursday, October 4, 2018

Ruffled Feathers 🤔

#thisisamerica 🤷🏾‍♂️🤔 come on now, it’s extremely hard to see reason when you’re blind to everything but your logic or anything that supports it 🤨🤔#idgaf about ruffling feathers on anyoccasion,I love opinions and people not afraid to express them,but the poor attempts at one up tactics,spite,ill will,these are just a couple of things that plague my race,& humanity as well,don’t fear the next mans success,if you’re the one so afraid that he or she will have something that you’d rather chop your own fkn hand off rather than see that happen you’re sad asf really,your mouth,mind and heart have to all work as one🤔 we are ALL selfish people by nature,but it’s the ability to incorporate balance that differentiate us. Seeking validation is what keeps the mass majority of us from being unique🤔nothing is above or beyond you,that includes the possibilities,the people that we choose to lead us,the chains that we choose to shackle our minds with. Each one teach one,I would never claim to be smarter than you,a conscious mind,a ignorant mind,I keep an open mind,so share something thoughtful,insightful,interesting, inspiring and I’m going to respect it,share it,like it no bias,I mean if it makes sense it makes sense 👀👂🏾🤲🏾💙👍🏾🗣 P.L.U.R. 👉🏾#Peace #Love #Unity #Respect  #inspiration #humanity #share #interesting #thoughts #success #writing #quotes #motivation #teach the real will always recognize real 💯 #nofilter 

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