Monday, October 1, 2018

Race, Equality, Humanity, Sexuality,Segregation, Sexual Harassment

Hopelessly divided,everything is either strategically designed to segregate on some level or another,guilty or not,and this goes for everyone going through the unleveled system for alleged crimes,every single incident revolves around money,race,social status,perception and personal experiences and feelings,and where does God fit into all of that;rhetorical or course,but seems in every high profile incident that arrives everyone can seem to throw their hateful opinions and thoughts in the ring suddenly assuming they’re righteous enough to do so,I have no clue what happened in Bill Cosby’s personal life except what is portrayed in public media so.. but I will say that with every big craze that steps to the forefront such as past things like slavery,black lives matter,the holicost,transgender and gay equality,and now the sexual harassment movement, when they touch media they trend,no discredit to what’s real,but the smoke can definitely cloud that,the overall human race are vulnerable vultures so to speak,products of our environment,and we see what we want to see and react unjustly majority of the time as well as a very large percentage of us are opportunistic. I’ve been on both sides of the coin and I’ll go on to say everything isn’t cut and dry, I was targeted for sexual harassment and never did anything wrong,but all was needed to be said was that this lady felt uncomfortable with something that I said and I lost my job because of it,I’ve been in a situation as a kid where I experienced inappropriate sexual behavior,I have a mixed child,I’m a black man that has been through racism first hand and also unjust issues as well so...but none of this defines who I am nor how I treat others 

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