Thursday, December 17, 2015

Realization Moving Forward Or Regression

Constant criticism,criticized,compared to,comparing,your shortcomings or mine,negative reviews of my actions,your actions,but is ones life,thoughts,entire existence more or less important than the others? No process,just patterns,accepted or expected does not mean that it's right nor makes sense,the funny thing about sense is that if I tell myself the same crap no matter how messed up it may be,I'll probably begin to believe it also. Sometimes the people around you or your so called "friends" can be your worst downfall or enemy, why? because most will watch you self destruct,make mistakes and instead of giving honest truths,they'll attempt feed your ego. You being the selfish,greedy,egotistical,critical,vindictive creature that you are will choose to see this as you may,acknowledge seeking positive methods of change or ignore with shrug antics or criticism 

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