Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Common Ground

I'm but a common man,so I speak for the same,I accept but never settle,peek in but never completely step inside that door.We are all on the bottom until some  circumstance puts us in another place that takes us from wondering,struggling,wishing and hoping for something better to actually the notion of better, I won't quote a shit load of past writers or philosophy when I write because even though I believe in starting from the ground up sometime it's hard to know or see where the ground is.Ever wondered why if someone like you or someone common can do something totally outrageous or ridiculous & that shit passes as cool,acceptable,riveting etcetera because of who they are or a status that they've acquired from someone,but because the right influences have pushed the idea you can't help but fall in line as well all the time knowing or with the notion that this is some bullshit. Why the hell don't I try to remember a lot of the things that I come in contact with? Ok so I'm going to try to go somewhere that I've never dared to go, deep inside the tunnels of my mind,my inner core,what makes me feel,want,need, to be. 

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