Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Nerve Pain , Tooth Pain , Pain Remedy , Body Pain Relief , Body Pressure Points

So I’m always trying to provide information that may be helpful to someone. This entry is regarding pain and a way that I find relief in some cases. I am not saying that this is some miraculous thing that will solve all your issues or problems l,but in some instances it does have its purpose,it has stopped the pain for me. The temple’s or temporal muscles of your head are one set of pressure points, which if rubbed or pressed can provide relief due to their connection with certain nerve receptors in connection with the brain. I was having tooth pain on my right side of my mouth and I pressed my right temple and after some time the pain was gone. This is just a temporary fix so if it does work for you I’d advise you to as soon as possible get the issue resolved,but if you found it helpful don’t hesitate to join my followers,check out and engage on my other social media campaigns and check out my store as well.

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