Sunday, October 15, 2023

Is It Needy? Is It Nosey, Is it Love, Is It Crazy?

I talk about any and everything remember... The art of manipulation is very real,very real in life situations,very real in relationships as well. You are the culprit, my mirror has fogged up as if I just got done taking a hot shower 😏 When a mind is filled with impurities I in my opinion don’t think it functions properly anymore, I think you lose something in every negative thing,it’s not like a regeneration thing where it just grows back either,once it’s gone it’s gone,like once it’s done it can’t be undone. How do you feel when you just can’t understand something,someone’s mentality,someone’s mental health. Damage that can’t be reversed is like negative energy,it’s never gone merely transferred from one thing to another,ongoing with a path of destruction.When you hear the words,”You Don’t Love Me!”and your response is “I Do”..“Everything Is About You!”and your response is”It’s Not”.. “You Don’t Hug Me Enough!” and your response is “I Do”..“You Don’t Touch Me Enough!” and your response is “I Do”..“You're Always Putting Me Down!”and your response is “I’m Not”,now after all this is said and done where’s my intimacy?!?!? and your response is “huh”… Well If you’re looking for a right and a wrong in this that’s probably a problem,because resolution is the only solution in my opinion.  

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