Friday, November 20, 2015

Website Views,Traffic,Backlinks To Website,Social Widgets,Giveaways..

Website views,website traffic,backlinks to your website,social media widgets,random free giveaways,raffles are all important ways that you can boost your websites importance ,notability as well as ranking. The ability to attract visitors,well REAL visitors in order to sell whatever it is that you're trying to get people to buy is the only reason we are all working so hard to achieve these goals by doing all of the above right? But you should keep in mind that not every offer to help you in your quest to become one of the top websites in Google search or Alexa ranking. Most other internet marketers are well aware of how desperate we are to reach success on the World Wide Web that they're just waiting,lurking for you to punch in those famous words.. buy website traffic,buy visitors/views,backlinks to my website,social media marketing and so on. What I'm here to enlighten you to is that my first option would be to type in the word free in front of all my efforts of attracting people/traffic to my webpage before I go do the dramatic or as I would say last resort of paying ridiculously high prices for let's face it,mainly bot ,or non essential views,which at this point has taken over the Internet marketing option. Also before I go I'll say this, over 50% of  the pay for traffic offers are bot generated or ghost visitors nowadays anyway so what do you have to loose by going the free route? There are many sites out there that offer exchange traffic options as well as backlinks ,but be careful when using backlink generators because not all links are good or may in fact hurt or damage your websites reputation. Using bookmarking websites is another helpful option. If this is helpful please comment ,share,like,subscribe,Google+1 me or any of the other social options available . Link to my free giveaways 

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