Monday, September 28, 2015

Not Easily Broken

As they work overtime to tear you down,you have to work equally as hard to stay grounded to who you are. A statement comes to mind "Not Easily Broken" STOP living that lie! you're here then you're gone,is blaming everyone for your poor choices,lack of clear judgement,lack of common sense,constant mistakes going to achieve your desired results?cry...because we may all listen for about 5 seconds,but constantly bumping your head against a brick wall will tend to hurt a bit. When you take care of/strengthen your inner circle nothing can break that, a refusal to fight is not giving victory,only realizing that there are no victors in this battle. it's sad when one thinks that every word that you write is specifically about them,if it's the fact that it relates to you,well there are a lot of other people that can relate so believe me it's purely coincidental.. I ask this question... ever wondered why someone would work so hard to convince you that something is as they interpret it to be? when their truth is not your own. Delusions,blame and excuses seem to make the bs that you're working overtime to feed everyone including yourself much easier to swallow

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