Monday, August 24, 2015

Dear You

UDear You,You are emotionally damaged as well as physically,sex is not a tool used to gain self worth,esteem,or to be used as leverage to obtain what you want,if there were a relationship resume what would yours read?how many facts would be left out?and vainly you assume everyone is out to get you when in fact I think you're inability to be honest and lack of communication as well common sense is your true enemy. You're the kind of person that can't fix things you'd rather find ways to destroy them or throw them away & replace them and this is how you live your life,you're not healthy to be around because if progress is not yours you don't want to see anyone else. Emotionally reckless is a statement that comes to mind when I think of you. I hope this helps you in some way to open to new possibilities,but ego issues probably won't allow that to happen.

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