Sunday, July 12, 2015

Is Knowing Better

Someone once asked me if I wanted to know my death date or just let it happen, If it was traumatic would I rather die fast or see my death coming? My answer to that was I didn't want to know,now why I chose this is because I'm afraid of dying. I understand that this is the natural order or things,but it still doesn't ease the notion that there is never enough time to *fully*enjoy life. Julie wrote this when I brought this entry to her,
I don't know everything...but I do know that we are eternal...and I know now that the death process is not as "bad" as we think...  in fact, we/our soul/spirit leaves our body and we go back into non physical and experience pure love and joy.  In past life regression, a person is not in anguish with their past deaths but rather their births.  I hear that death is akin to walking out of a movie theater...and you can choose to "come" again...
You know you don't have to think about things that don't feel good?  Rather think of things that bring you joy.  :)
In this moment is the only life we have...if you make each moment fun, enjoyable, happy, hopeful, loving, appreciative you can have a fully enjoyable life.
I am trying to practice what I've told you cuz it's new to me...not how I was brought up or learned in church...
In every moment choose to think about, look at, write about, talk about wanted, good feeling, happy, joyful, loving, appreciative things and you'll have a wonderful life.  (In each moment is where our power and choices are.  Thank you for bringing up this topic cuz it reinforces my learning and practicing).Hmmm,if this theory is true then it's possible that reinforcing my views would be key to an altered outlook on things,at this point still skeptical 😏

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