Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Awesome 500 Best Talent Contest

This is an opportunity to add some cash as well as a little more productive exposure to your talent portfolio! This contest is for contestants 16+ ,all areas of talent/entertainment. This contest will run until 500 entries are submitted unless otherwise stated. No nudity,mild profanity will be accepted. All entries are subject to a $20 entry fee which is due upon submission payable thru stripe or postal money order only. Once the entry portion of the contest has been reached all submissions will then be viewed and judged by a hand selected group to determine winners. There will be three contest winners in all,a first,second and third place. If your submission is not accepted you will not be charged an entry fee,by submitting your videos you give right to full use pertaining to this contest. Prizes include 1st place $500 plus 1 year single submission or $50 gift card to retailer of choice. 2nd place winner will receive the newest set of beats headphones. 3rd place $50 gift card to your store of choice.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

If you're going to copy/be like someone...

Why not yourself? Or at least it be somone who can steer you on a positive or productive path not by tearing others down,hurting or using others to gain. A meek & humble attitude. An awareness that not all things that seem positive,productive or good always are & may actually be counterproductive,negative or have bad repercussions in time to come. Surrounding myself with losers only creates a losers mentality,but surrounding myself with the determined & motivated seems to create or spark the desire to succeed or achieve in me. A fool will think that accumulating large amounts of currency,wardrobes,big houses, super model or superstar titles,the number of internet friends,people you surround yourself with on a day to day basis,social status is key, I can attest that that's the stereotype,but I can assure you that that's the hype. Appreciate everything,even the smallest things, there's nothing worse than overlooked gratitude for the things that we do have. Take time to breathe and take in what you see in front of you. Don't overlook things trying to see past to greater ones,accept your destiny,building on what you have and know that our path has already been determined. If knowing is half the battle,then acceptance must be the other half I guess. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Ho,Ho,Ho.. Merry Christmas

Tradition is a big part of the world we live in. Like with so many other things it's not always accurate or the best way to go about things. We all get caught up in the moment,what person wants to be left out in the cold when everyone else is doing it right? we as people have a funny way of "if it ain't broke don't fix it","everyone else is doing it" why ask questions or question years & years of tradition right? even if it's    untruthful or deceiving. We talk truth,but only if being truthful is beneficial for that particular purpose,thou shall not lie? a human flaw which will never change and subject to each individuals discretional   needs. Questions.. Was Christ born on Christmas Day? What is the true origin of Christmas? Are we really honoring Christ when celebrating this day?. Some justifications will be that it really doesn't matter as long as I know what I believe in,and that it doesn't matter as long as my hearts in the right place,because it's really what we make it right? I'm in no position to look down on anyone,because I'm a victim of playing follow the leader as well, I try as much as possible not to throw scriptures around,but it's a language that most guideline to,Matt 15:9 But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments,Mark 7:9 And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition. So while keeping to tainted traditional rituals where do we really stand? This is no ploy to change your mind nor steer you away from your usual holiday festivities,but since we are celebrating shouldn't we at least know why?  

Saturday, December 19, 2015

iPhone ,iPad ,Sidebar Bookmark Display Removed

Fixing The Sidebar Or Bookmark Feature Display On Your iPhone: Okay so I came across an issue with my iPhone the other day and couldn't come up with an answer after searching online for several days to find one. When I would switch to side view on my iPhone 6 while searching the bookmark sidebar would show up taking up nearly half my search screen view which I didn't want,so I began to search my phone for a way to remove this which didn't happen until I looked above at the top where the icons were and there it was this book icon which once activated or pressed has a blue color around it to bring up the bookmark sidebar,then if pressed again removes the blue indicator and bam,no more sidebar. Hopefully this will help someone else as well.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Answer( continued from my Twitter Tweet 12/18/15)

Because if I can get at least 1 person to listen,acknowledge,benefit,share what I've said then it was worth it & is in fact worth the effort for the reward. Thanks for reading 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Realization Moving Forward Or Regression

Constant criticism,criticized,compared to,comparing,your shortcomings or mine,negative reviews of my actions,your actions,but is ones life,thoughts,entire existence more or less important than the others? No process,just patterns,accepted or expected does not mean that it's right nor makes sense,the funny thing about sense is that if I tell myself the same crap no matter how messed up it may be,I'll probably begin to believe it also. Sometimes the people around you or your so called "friends" can be your worst downfall or enemy, why? because most will watch you self destruct,make mistakes and instead of giving honest truths,they'll attempt feed your ego. You being the selfish,greedy,egotistical,critical,vindictive creature that you are will choose to see this as you may,acknowledge seeking positive methods of change or ignore with shrug antics or criticism 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Everything Isn't The Same

People stop treating everyone & everything like we all fit in some cozy little box we are not all the same,sure we breathe the same air,bleed the same,& share the same basic structure but we are all individual.. Different,meaning that each and everyone has something that makes us unique which makes it kind of hard to imply that the same rules apply or can be imposed on/to everyone

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Apple iPhone 6,Samsung S6

 No games,scammers Cellphones/at great prices. Nothing like amazon or Craigslist eBay. I sell top notch smart devices at above average savings. If interested contact me or visit my Facebook page bitetheapple2k or message me here.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Missing The Picture

So many missed opportunities passing up the obvious seeking the better option. How many times have you overlooked something good trying to hold out on a notion of a more viable option? Wake the fuck up! everything that looks good isn't always what is good. There are a lot of good things out there that don't necessarily fit into the idea or stereotype. Give thing unorthodox a chance,this doesn't mean throw caution to the wind,but you will find yourself surprised when you open your mind,your heart and see past the exterior of things. 

Common Ground

I'm but a common man,so I speak for the same,I accept but never settle,peek in but never completely step inside that door.We are all on the bottom until some  circumstance puts us in another place that takes us from wondering,struggling,wishing and hoping for something better to actually the notion of better, I won't quote a shit load of past writers or philosophy when I write because even though I believe in starting from the ground up sometime it's hard to know or see where the ground is.Ever wondered why if someone like you or someone common can do something totally outrageous or ridiculous & that shit passes as cool,acceptable,riveting etcetera because of who they are or a status that they've acquired from someone,but because the right influences have pushed the idea you can't help but fall in line as well all the time knowing or with the notion that this is some bullshit. Why the hell don't I try to remember a lot of the things that I come in contact with? Ok so I'm going to try to go somewhere that I've never dared to go, deep inside the tunnels of my mind,my inner core,what makes me feel,want,need, to be. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

So Many Mistakes..

Making mistakes are a part of life,but I'm only human right? We're always pointing fingers, disowning,looking for payback,getting even,& irrationally acting out. Choice now,consequences later. I've made a lot of mistakes up to this point & probably going to make a lot more,but a thought that I will leave with my readers is that it's not the mistakes that you make,it's the humble comeback,restitution & your willingness to correct & move forward positively from them. That said I'll ask this.. If you could go back and change one thing,one second chance to  make good of one thing what would that one thing be? Comment, & hopefully I'll get some interesting feedback from this.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Website Promotion? Internet Networking? Link Exchange? Website Traffic?

If you're like me then you definitely understand the importance of a good website marketing strategy & the fact that any & all website traffic that is pure & hand crafted or generated by its owner which takes a lot of time & effort is a plus when trying to draw in website visitors or traffic. I don't claim to have a million viewers/visitors per day,but does provide on average several hundred or more clicks a day which will definitely generate clicks or views to your website. I offer simple weekly or monthly options of links/banners to my site for $1 per day in week or month subscriptions. I also offer link exchanges for websites with a sufficient amount of traffic to help/benefit my websites growth. Message me here if interested for more information.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Website Views,Traffic,Backlinks To Website,Social Widgets,Giveaways..

Website views,website traffic,backlinks to your website,social media widgets,random free giveaways,raffles are all important ways that you can boost your websites importance ,notability as well as ranking. The ability to attract visitors,well REAL visitors in order to sell whatever it is that you're trying to get people to buy is the only reason we are all working so hard to achieve these goals by doing all of the above right? But you should keep in mind that not every offer to help you in your quest to become one of the top websites in Google search or Alexa ranking. Most other internet marketers are well aware of how desperate we are to reach success on the World Wide Web that they're just waiting,lurking for you to punch in those famous words.. buy website traffic,buy visitors/views,backlinks to my website,social media marketing and so on. What I'm here to enlighten you to is that my first option would be to type in the word free in front of all my efforts of attracting people/traffic to my webpage before I go do the dramatic or as I would say last resort of paying ridiculously high prices for let's face it,mainly bot ,or non essential views,which at this point has taken over the Internet marketing option. Also before I go I'll say this, over 50% of  the pay for traffic offers are bot generated or ghost visitors nowadays anyway so what do you have to loose by going the free route? There are many sites out there that offer exchange traffic options as well as backlinks ,but be careful when using backlink generators because not all links are good or may in fact hurt or damage your websites reputation. Using bookmarking websites is another helpful option. If this is helpful please comment ,share,like,subscribe,Google+1 me or any of the other social options available . Link to my free giveaways 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Be afraid to believe.. To communicate.. To say what you are feeling.. To tell someone that somethings not right.. To respect yourself.. To appreciate your parents.. To befriend that person that isn't popular or looks different..  To cherish your husband or wife.. To spend time with the ones that you "love",& build strong bonds with them because there is nothing wrong with your mate also holding the spot as your best friend. To challenge societies tradition.. To hold yourself to high standards.. To sencerly ask for forgiveness give forgiveness.. To give in general,without agenda.. To promote change when it seems like there's no point.. To promote positivity.Being educated has great rewards,but it will never take an expensive education,or a bunch of degrees to see the common.."Back To The Basics". I am no saint,nor am I anywhere near perfect,but as long as I have a voice I will speak of good things to anyone that is willing to listen!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Internet Dating,Sex & Social Networking It

You saw my intro shit right? Sex,Lies & Keyboards.. Who's online dating? All it takes is a nonsexual relationship/marriage to end up on #Craigslist personals looking for a quick hookup.  The Internet,the good old information highway. Less work,more options.So impersonal,but yet personal at the same time. We have no clue most times who's receiving our personal data on the other end of those emails,texts,instant messages,pic uploads etc.,but we post our most private information anyways. Communication.. A very big and also important word. No one wants to communicate,but desire understanding, You can't build a sturdy foundation on surface attraction,everyone knows that the program is to dress up,aquire things,and flash up to get interest is the hype,but pass that?. Meeting people has become a chore,talking face to face,no one wants to date,get to know someone anymore. Nowadays it's I'm looking for love, I need a person that gets me,I want a good man,instant this,instant that. Guys love the fact that all they have to do is post a bunch of bs on a site such as #POF, #OBC,#AshleyMadison ,#AdultFriendFinder, #Tagged,#Badoo,#DateHookup,#Adultfriendfinder, something like or #eHarmony.I mean we sit around making these profiles adding all these restrictions,wants,requests,requirements,demands etc. ,it's not easy to find someone completely compatible with you these days for the simple fact that relationships are so damn versatile nowadays,and everyone is doing everything with little regard to the basic principles. The average guy just wants to fuck, and I mean anything and anyone,& will say and do anything just to get a little pussy,we tell these women anything that they want to hear so that we can bait them in ,because the average guy online shopping for dates knows that that female probably has a thousand other thirsty guys trying to get that same female. The day of meeting people & connection has nearly become obsolete because of the option to just fire up that computer,smart device & post a dating want ad am I right? it's much easier than getting dressed up,finding babysitters,going out & hoping to attract someone. This being said what I'm looking for is nothing,because I have no expectations here,but if you ask the right questions you get the right answers. Why am I here? Seeing what's here,window shopping,my relationship is going bad,looking for what I'm not getting at home,some good conversation,maybe build some friendships,maybe get laid without all the complicated commitment bs,& maybe find someone that isn't crazy as shit looking for love when all of this is artificial anyway. I'll finish this by saying this people,all the money,success,superficiality etc in the world can't buy true happiness or that feeling that you get when you're really adored by your partner,children or someone very important in your life. Building memories,collecting special moments,caring even when it's not easy ,having that persons back when everyone and everything is against them now that's a relationship,and there's nothing like that feeling.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Parental Position,Parenting In Today's Society

Parenting in today's world is to me like trying to loose weight,damn hard. Ok so another situation has come across my path which compelled me to write this. It has become increasingly difficult for me and my fellow parents to raise children in today's society/world with all the outside interference,influence, and a world wide abundance of  information. The task of teaching our kids our way is clouded by the notion that we're very limited in the methods that we are allowed to use,the fear that we're being to stern & what has been so called the better way.I will admit that my urge to be a better parent than mine were haunts me everyday,but is it really better? The feelings of being trapped.. but understand I'm only trapped once I've  accepted that there's nothing that I can do. The number one thing that can dismantle your efforts to groom your child is negative outside interference,whether it be parents,relatives or any other influential interference. A child's  needs to know their place is just that. It's impossible to govern someone else's family from an outside position,each structure is different which kind of makes it hard to impose the same outlook collectively. If it's not hard enough trying to instill some since of morals,guidance,discipline into my child I could do without all of the misguided attempts at helping. Oh yes,we will often think that bs idea that we are doing so much better than that next person but who's own perspective of what they're doing has been critical?sure maybe a few, but overall...everyone else's opinion will probably be slightly if not totally different. For the ones that come around for the good or easy times try being there when thing get rough,witness first hand and then and then only will what you have to contribute become significant. Structure is very important today in a world where it's not how  much you make sense or how right you are,but how popular you are,and that in itself is a very dangerous sentiment.    

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Can’t Plan It All-The Unpredictable

Whatever happens happens, I believe that people come into our lives for many different reasons & we either accept things for what they are,constantly try analyzing every little thing,or try to create some theatrical play of our lives,everything can’t be explained,will not always fit into a pretty little picture frame

Monday, September 28, 2015

Not Easily Broken

As they work overtime to tear you down,you have to work equally as hard to stay grounded to who you are. A statement comes to mind "Not Easily Broken" STOP living that lie! you're here then you're gone,is blaming everyone for your poor choices,lack of clear judgement,lack of common sense,constant mistakes going to achieve your desired results?cry...because we may all listen for about 5 seconds,but constantly bumping your head against a brick wall will tend to hurt a bit. When you take care of/strengthen your inner circle nothing can break that, a refusal to fight is not giving victory,only realizing that there are no victors in this battle. it's sad when one thinks that every word that you write is specifically about them,if it's the fact that it relates to you,well there are a lot of other people that can relate so believe me it's purely coincidental.. I ask this question... ever wondered why someone would work so hard to convince you that something is as they interpret it to be? when their truth is not your own. Delusions,blame and excuses seem to make the bs that you're working overtime to feed everyone including yourself much easier to swallow

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Food For Thought

 Seasoned Chicken & Eggs  Just got finished preparing & eating this for breakfast.. If you enjoy eating chicken & eggs then this is a great eat for you,not to mention it's healthy & quick to prepare😋👏. All you'll need is one chicken breast & two eggs or egg whites if you prefer. First you cut your breast into sections or pieces,next you season your breast I usually use garlic pepper and seasoned tenderizer,but again your taste,your choice. Then I add a little bit of water & a cap full of olive oil to a cooking pan,cook on med. for about 10 minutes,I usually add my eggs to the side of the same pan as my chicken finishes so does my eggs. This along with your morning cup of coffee or orange juice. Hope this was informative

Monday, August 24, 2015

Dear You

UDear You,You are emotionally damaged as well as physically,sex is not a tool used to gain self worth,esteem,or to be used as leverage to obtain what you want,if there were a relationship resume what would yours read?how many facts would be left out?and vainly you assume everyone is out to get you when in fact I think you're inability to be honest and lack of communication as well common sense is your true enemy. You're the kind of person that can't fix things you'd rather find ways to destroy them or throw them away & replace them and this is how you live your life,you're not healthy to be around because if progress is not yours you don't want to see anyone else. Emotionally reckless is a statement that comes to mind when I think of you. I hope this helps you in some way to open to new possibilities,but ego issues probably won't allow that to happen.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Going Through It

It all started with a glance,lustful thoughts with no expectations,no direction,not looking,nor searching,at a great place in my life, also where I was comfortable with who and where I was at this time,a new job,and things seemed to have been taking a turn for the better,notice that I did say seemed,which is probably jumping the gun at this point, was it lust,was it infatuation,which will be greater understood as i go on,I wake up,started my day with my regular routine as usual,not knowing that this particular morning would be slightly different from my normal,I head out of the door, hop into my car and on my way to work,slight smile as I listen to talk radio which I did every morning before work to get my mind right or set the mood before I go in, I pull into the parking lot,driving down the isles searching for the closest parking space as I'm pulling in what do I see,her walking in towards the plant door,so I hurry up and park,grab my things and hop out of my car,she does not see me at this point,so I yell out to her    hey!!! she turns around and looks back,then I shouted hold up a minute..she did,so I proceeded to jog to catch up to her, not sure what to say I quickly blurted out yo yo yo baby what's up?lol,I'm just I approached her I asked do you mind if I walk in with you ?she said sure I don't mind..I'm (me),I'm (her)she replied,ok,ok, nice to formally meet you (her)nice to meet you too. As time passed I would come to learn the real her,but who would or could have known that something that I intended to be just a fling would have turned into a series of events that would later spiral completely out of control and come to me having a new child and dealing with an emotionally damaged,confused,manipulative person. Can it be it that it was all so simple then?. The one on one visits by my place where we would enjoy each other's company  ,before the family home invasions,your past  constantly rearing,the constant arguing about who's kid is better,the religious bullying,the lack of intimacy,the lack of communication which I doubt we ever had in the first place,the constant critical behavior,you didn't see the allegations? check the resume?. You've been coached that it's me that will loose if this whatever it is changes truth is it doesn't matter because I truly can't miss what I never had to begin with and that's a real relationship. Yep,gave up a lot,missed out on so much shit living this life, but still,even though I know,how the hell did I end up here?!?! I'm quite sure many can understand this story you get with the local promiscuous female, not knowing the story/background you fall victim to her false charms, or attributes but trust me the story almost allways ends the same,then bringing babies into false relationships is not a good idea because regardless of the selfish motives that child has to live with your fucked up choices. It's always the same he did this,she did that but never resolving shit just holding on to give that kid a better opportunity than you had,all seems like it makes sense,multiple baby daddies got you echoes of your not my dad,you're treating your kids better than mine when it's just personal feelings that got you all feeling orientated. Can I write it down? you know,keep tabs,like every little thing I do I wanna feel like you owe me something,a damn shame that prenup feeling,place a price on what?years..moments,experiences,gifts,knowledge,is acknowledging that enough?truthfully the next best thing is the next best thing & loves not time,it is precious,but we good at wasting it.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

When it all goes down

I will be the first to admit that I've made a million mistakes that I wouldn't call regrets but if there were any chance to go back and redo some of this shit I wouldn't think twice. Life has a way of bringing you to a place where all you have left is reflection and choice,reflection on the choices that we've made and the choice to move forward without the clouded judgement of what could have been. So many things we do in our daily lives that we ourselves look to as mediocre as well as others around us. It's important as a lover of ones self that we take pride in each and every thing that we do,no matter how small it may be,because everyone won't go on to do big or great things in their lives and sometimes chasing that big or great happening we let life pass us by. People always seem to be fixated with/on how much? how big? how many? keeping score instead of appreciating and embracing the fact that nothing is owed to us or obligated by us . To see good is impossible when your always looking for,hoping for or expecting more,and comparing this to that. As an individual I try and stress the word try to separate my feelings of not being good enough compared to that other persons accomplishments.That my feelings of wanting to do better for myself and where I'm at,at this point doesn't discourage me from trying to do better. We all have to start from somewhere, and unfortunately most of us from the bottom. More Than Words,it's easy to become successful and hoard this for yourself,but how about helping others to get there? I know I would

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Team Me

We are so branded in society..But More Than Words,you are your brand,advertise,represent,protect & preserve you,your name & all connections 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Is Knowing Better

Someone once asked me if I wanted to know my death date or just let it happen, If it was traumatic would I rather die fast or see my death coming? My answer to that was I didn't want to know,now why I chose this is because I'm afraid of dying. I understand that this is the natural order or things,but it still doesn't ease the notion that there is never enough time to *fully*enjoy life. Julie wrote this when I brought this entry to her,
I don't know everything...but I do know that we are eternal...and I know now that the death process is not as "bad" as we think...  in fact, we/our soul/spirit leaves our body and we go back into non physical and experience pure love and joy.  In past life regression, a person is not in anguish with their past deaths but rather their births.  I hear that death is akin to walking out of a movie theater...and you can choose to "come" again...
You know you don't have to think about things that don't feel good?  Rather think of things that bring you joy.  :)
In this moment is the only life we have...if you make each moment fun, enjoyable, happy, hopeful, loving, appreciative you can have a fully enjoyable life.
I am trying to practice what I've told you cuz it's new to me...not how I was brought up or learned in church...
In every moment choose to think about, look at, write about, talk about wanted, good feeling, happy, joyful, loving, appreciative things and you'll have a wonderful life.  (In each moment is where our power and choices are.  Thank you for bringing up this topic cuz it reinforces my learning and practicing).Hmmm,if this theory is true then it's possible that reinforcing my views would be key to an altered outlook on things,at this point still skeptical 😏

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Million Dollar Questions

If becoming religious is the way to settle differences,why is there so much division/hatred between beliefs? What would/wouldn't you believe if the right person told it to you? How powerful is acceptance of ones self? Despite the hype,you can be yourself. Y live someone else's story when u can just create your own?

Friday, July 3, 2015

The day before the 4th of July

 known as the Fourth of July ,
Independence Day, July 4th has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1941, but the tradition of Independence Day celebrations goes back to the 18th century and the American Revolution (1775-83). In June 1776, the representatives of the 13 colonies while  fighting in the revolutionary struggle began to seek out a resolution that would declare their independence from Great Britain. From there, from the 1st till around the 4th the Declaration of Independence was born,& drafted by Thomas Jefferson. From 1776 until the now the 4th of July  has been celebrated as the birth of Americas independence where traditions from cookouts,firework displays,parades & other festive gatherings are carried out to celebrate.

Monday, June 29, 2015

& You Didn't Know?

I won't take up a lot of your time reading this entry,but why the hell do we keep focusing on such stupid asinine issues? because the more attention you give something the more tweets,shares,likes,follows,comments etc.,what is history?poverty? genocide? gay rights? KKK bullshit? confederate flag? racism? war? Senseless cop killings? It's an age old method of discrediting what we don't or don't want to understand.You all know the truth even if hidden behind lies😔   

A Sin Is A Sin?

Everyone seems to go in deep on marriage and gay when it comes to sin. Marriage has been adjusted so much over the years to accommodate,and so has the bible,as well as laws. Why be married if the only reason is to please society?surely individually you can't take anything seriously that has been made a mockery of? I can say that while I am not a basher of the gay lifestyle I will never lay down with the same sex because the pieces of that puzzle just don't fit,I mean to each their own,now a sin is a sin right.. do you share in that opinion?well a lot of people probably do,but it's not because its justifiable,but because it justifies their means. Yes we are all sinners,but just because I'm a sinner doesn't mean that I'm going to go out and murder someone then say "it's okay,we are all sinners in some way" rob someone then say it's okay, because we're all sinners in some way"rape someone then say "it's okay,we are all sinners in some way"so you see while we may all be sinners,created by a higher being under the same basic prototype,notion of what is right or wrong ,the sense to make sound judgment,and consciousness to keep us from going over the edge. But get a clue.. one sin does not justify another!nor should the idea that someone else is sinning comfort  your actions.The two things that I mostly compare life to are chess and a puzzle,why?because chess is all about strategy from your first move to your last,it's all about the moves/choices that you make to get there. The puzzle pieces represents life scrambled,your task to sort it out,and the ability to put together the pieces to reach your big picture/understanding. People.."if it makes sense,it makes sense why ignore that?" Yes we are ALL sinners in some way,but there is a natural order of things that I nor ANY human being walking this earth created/designed that has to account for something.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Drive In Theaters

I can remember back in the day as a little boy my parents taking me to the drive in.. playing on the little playground in front until the movie would start, asking my folks for snacks from the concession stand(those cardboard box containers)now we can tune into a radio station to hear the sound,but I remember those metal poles with the speakers attached where you had to hook the speaker onto the window to hear the sound.. & enjoying great double feature movies until I'd fall asleep.. Good Times 😌 Today I'm talking about supporting our still remaining drive in theaters, the theater that I've had the pleasure of visiting recently was Chilton Twilight Drive-In
& had a great experience,it was a little bit of a drive but a great experience and also trip down memory lane. So if possible seek out a theater near you and catch yourself & family drive in movie experience this summer,& that's what's going on Wisconsin

Doing My Part To Help Stop Cellphone Crooks

Be sure to check any cellphone before just handing your hard earned money to someone! If you're unable to manage to get information on a cellphone that you're interested in buying,possibly from someone off of the street or online this is not only strongly recommend,but the best option aside from meeting at a store that carries that particular brand. Before you make that second party/used cellular purchase you may contact me by email & I will do my best to get you the information about the device in question free of charge asap. Please don't hesitate to follow me,subscribe to me,favorite me,and also share it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Helpful Tips: check your cellphones MEID or IMEI

Need to check your cellphones info?if it's been blocked or blacklisted,if the phone can actually be activated on the phones original carrier,has been reported lost or stolen,if the phone maybe still on a payment plan,here are a few sites that you can visit to do so. The website Swappa offers free checks just enter the numbers & instantly get the information that you need. offers free phone checks also,just select the phones carrier & enter the meid or imei & hit the check button. Here you can check T-Mobile phones . does IMEI checking also. You can also check your cellphones IMEI here all else fails the old fashioned method of collecting the phones MEID,IMEI & calling that phones carrier for the information works also.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I know what you thought but..

Contrary to your beliefs you're not all that,looking in the mirror & telling yourself that you are just doesn't cut it. If you believe that there are not people out there using you,talking behind your back,shoveling you bs because "you're different"what an lol moment. Next time that you're in that mirror please do me a favor and take a closer look, I know that it's easier to play mind games with yourself than admit flaws,I find myself doing it sometimes too.. When I heard the statements"he can do that because of his position/career" or I have to put on this way because of what people may think of me"We've become so obsessed with status that we are willing to accept any bs handed out because of it. I don't give a hell who you are or what you have that doesn't mean anything to me!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Some Keys To Healthy Relationships?

Keys to healthy relationships.. No not really,just my two cents worth of opinions. Tip:never over expect, unreachable expectations can destroy any relationship. I will constantly hear the words "in Gods eyes" my answer to that would have to undoubtedly be; if you're not a sinner then I'll listen to you!because even the most self proclaimed holiest of them all are flawed in some way/ways,also if you live your life criticizing someone else for what they've done but justifying your own shady actions no matter how small shame on you.. There is no better or justifiable sin! That being said, one key to a heathy relationship would definitely have to be the physical aspect, not just sex but actually being physically intune with your partner,admit it or not we all are victims of wanting more from our partners physically,no one said you'd act on it,but the feeling is there.Exploration with your partner.. restraint leads to boredom,& FYI, Marriage doesn't or shouldn't feel like a death sentence,everyone deserves to be happy/excited sexually & the more sex the better! Say what you may,but if your partner doesn't agree they are either unattracted to you,unstimulated by you,bored or getting it elsewhere (masturbation or otherwise) communication is another thing I'd say is important also, if you can't even talk to someone then how do you expect to connect with them,understand them,and most importantly coincide with them in any way? I'd love for anyone reading to share their opinion of what they think the recipe to a great relationship is 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Voice Of Change

Sunday, June 14, 2015

How Can I Forgive You(An Eye For An Eye)

Who loves to feel mistreated,misused,abused or be done wrong in any other fashion? I know I don't! forgiving,forgetting,turning the other cheek,letting things go and being the so called bigger person is overrated. I am speaking on this because I know that I go through this same dilemma myself. I hate when someone tells me shit like two wrongs don't make a right,or just let it go.We are constantly drilled that taking the high road is the right thing to do,well maybe it's the bigger thing to do,but not everyone feels this way am I right? It's not easy to get over pain, that hurt feeling, and I'm not one for bottling things up so that other person gets closure or to sleep comfortably,justification for their dastardly actions,more than words,that doesn't  that hardly seem fair at all.. what have I gained?sure forgiveness is a noble gesture,and tells the person that your forgiving that you no longer care about what they've done,that what they've put you through is no longer an issue,but what does it really do for the person that's doing the forgiving?we all love the feeling of getting away with the less than honorable acts that we commit,even though we probably knew what we were doing from the start,it's human nature,but not justifiable by any means. The choice to get over or forgive someone is totally in your hands and everyone is different and will handle it in his or her own way,but know this,while you're being that better person and doing the right thing to do,keep your feelings and well being in mind,also know that if you're not willing to ultimately forget,well you've really never forgave to begin with.

Friday, June 5, 2015

I know sometimes it's difficult to do but..

You have to live within your means! I know it can be hard to do with the desire to have all the things that we see others have,the constant feeling of wanting stuff..and I call it stuff because if you notice a little while after that next big I have to have that moment once that need,want,desire has been met the thrill is gone also,maybe not instantaneous all the time,but somewhere shortly after it's doesn't seem so important anymore. Making sound choices is a phrase often used and easily overlooked and I'll tell you why.. It actually goes back to that programmed statement,we want to feel this way or fit in or even this is what everyone else is doing,wearing,where everyone else is going,actually thinking of consequences before purchasing and weighing needs versus wants helps,"playing broke" is one sure way to keep that cash inside your pocket. If I tell/convinced myself that I don't have it then how can I spend what I don't have? It's easy to say save your money and play it smart with your money,but truthfully is all up to the individual to ultimately make that happen..but if you're tired of being broke but stuck with world full of materialistic and often worthless junk,that feeling of why did I just do that when I knew that I really didn't need to,then maybe,just maybe it's time to take control and adjust this situation.

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    Thursday, June 4, 2015

    This Shit Needs To Stop!

    Race this,race that,police brutality religion wars,genocide... There's something really wrong here,but its too bad most don't and will never know,understand or even put forth effort to get or contribute any form of solution to what that is. I am not a clone..which means I have the ability to think and act differently from others,but if we choose to keep such closed minds nothing will ever change. We are not a race but humanity  racing morality and morality is loosing badly 

    Like Wtf, Omg,Damn..,Or I Can't Believe It!

    That moment when you catch your girl or guy cheating. That moment when you find out chat someone close to you ratted you out. That moment that you found out that you have that disease. The time you almost crashed. The time that you dodged that bullet. The moment that you realize that you have the winning numbers in that lottery. When you figure it out that the baby isn't yours.the moment white people found out we were having a black president. That moment when you find out your favorite idol wasn't who you thought they were. Right before that plane crashes. That moment when you figure it out that your in over your head.that moment your car stops in the middle of nowhere. When you scuff up that new pair of shoes. When you stain that new outfit. When you meet someone that you consider famous. When you've reached climax. When you don't reach climax. When you've been slapped. When you've been spit on. When you catch him scratch his balls then attempt to secretly sniff them. That moment when you catch an ass digger. That moment when you walk inside your door and find out that you've been robbed. The moment you find out he or she likes you. The moment when you get your taxes ripped. That moment when you find out that she's pregnant. Someone special dies. That time you lost that money. When you've figured out that you've locked the keys inside your car. The time that you decided to wear dirty socks and had to take your shoes off. That moment when you find something in your food. The moment moment when you get home at find out your order is wrong.the moment those prison bars slam shut. The first puffs of that fire cannibus.Catching your parents having sex.Finding out your kid is having sex.Life's just full of times and moments so feel free to add to this with comments and follow my blogs 

    Monday, June 1, 2015

    The Concept; Back To The Basics

    There's two ways that you can go about doing that,there's the right way and the other way. You hear people saying that bs let's meet in the middle,comprising,and that agree to disagree bs also,now I don't have anything against getting along nor with solving issues before they escalate, as a matter of fact I'd prefer that. The thing with sweeping shit under a rug is that the trash is still there and in order to get rid of it is to pick it up and throw it out. We all are different, and we are not always going to see things as that other person does so it's very important to make compatible choices,opposites may attract,but guarantee they are a shit load of problems in the long run. Think about it,isn't in the norm to want to subdue or control your opposition? seeking compatibility decreases this problem greatly. We've come a long way from Adam and Eve,Fred and Wilma concept which is okay to a certain degree because some primitive gestures will never die,like women appreciate a man opening her doors right?or it feels good when he waits until you sit before he does, and compliments your attributes right?when he touches you just the way that you like showing that he's paying attention? No guy will ever turn down getting  acknowledged for his accomplishments,being lifted when he's been knocked down,hearing the words baby I have your back, the concept of the women being seductive yet submissive will never die,we love a woman that can cook (not mandatory,but no doubt she can hold it down in the kitchen)there's nothing wrong with a man cooking,cleaning & doing house chores either,but a woman that knows her place is beside her man and not in front of him will always hold. People use terms such as "what do I need a man for?" could you imagine a world full of  just women?lol, I don't have a problem with independent women,just a problem with cocky ones.Success shouldn't be measured by the amount of stuff you acquire,but how fulfilling your life is,not your net worth,but your self worth. The concept of a man and woman being best friends,partners,loyal to each other and all things pertaining will always exist. Being married once is not a myth,nor is monogamous relationships. So you see ,yes we are in ever changing times,but the concept of building has and will always be better starting from the ground up,so back to the basics.

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    Friday, May 29, 2015

    "Follow The Leader" So You're Different Huh

    Thinking For Yourself................ The world can be a cruel can have a person so self conscious that you're scared to leave your residence  on the notion of what "the world thinks",and quite frankly I believe it's less stressful and less bs to do just that sometimes.This is something that I can guarantee that most will shrug their shoulders at,comments like "I'm my own person,I'm like no one else", "I do what I want to do" but I'd have to wonder if that's really true.I'm drawn to the statement there's two sides to every story,sometimes a different way of viewing things or looking a little bit past the surface and blocking out assumptions helps to see a little clearer or at least understand things a little better . You see we've pretty much been programmed to follow the leader or keep to protocol most of the time not even being aware of it. What we eat,what we see,what we wear,how we talk,how we think/view things,what we're knowledgeable of,what's acceptable,who's and also what's important,where we're allowed to go You ever wonder why you feel like you just have to have that food/item?look around you,if nobody cared how you look,what you're wearing,the way you talk,how much you're worth,how many people that you consider your friends/social status,what you do for a living etc. then would that stuff remain so important to you?probably not. So are you really in control of your life? Do you feel threatened by speaking your mind when you don't agree with what everyone else is doing or saying?when they tell you "this is the way that it is or supposed to be". We are all of the same likeness,though each and everyone has their individuality,we all eat,sleep,breathe,walk,talk,bleed so what makes you more important than me?your words,thoughts more important than mine? I don't claim to have all the answers but I speak my mind and if anyone wants to listen cool.. So who's really different?can say the words I don't care what you think about me and really mean them?thinking for yourself,living for your own comfortably. Every outcome can't and won't end like the perfect movie,and trying to get to that scenario could prove to be asinine,pointless and wasted time. There's nothing wrong with not being perfect. There's nothing wrong with not fitting into everyone else's idea of adequate. There's nothing wrong with stepping out of the line and just being who you are,and probably a lot less work.

    Thursday, May 28, 2015

    Building Your Internet Presence

    In this day and time everyone wants to get ahead of the rat race to get seen,heard,sit on top of the big internet search lists,PR 1 thru 9 ranking,do follow-no follow,good solid SEO standings,back links,ad placement,media marketing? All of these things contribute to where you stand in the Internet world. Truthfully everything that you're hearing in this post has been said in a million different ways a million times and I for one found it all to be a bit overwhelming,tedious,time consuming and very difficult because see if you're just the average joe trying to get that small website or business out there you're not only fighting against the big fish,but the never ending amount of content spread across the World Wide Web,and how do you begin to combat that? Well from my little experience,and I do mean little,my understanding is that it's never the amount of content or links that you build,but the authenticity of each link/how much work that you put into them,because you can have thousands of links,working,non working,irrelevant content pages,no follow links which are really not nearly as helpful as your do follow links,but they need content to become relevant so it's a good idea to check the links created and if possible add your own personal content if possible.Something helpful is to ping your internet content at least once a month to speed up the crawling process which is what the search engines do to update their information. It is not mandatory to submit websites(even though It may speed up notability of your site some)it's not mandatory because it is the webs job/mission to keep up to date information and as regularly as possible. My opinion is as I said good solid links,the higher the better,marketing if you can because scared money don't make money:) within reason and stick to reputable sources and most visited sites to be sure to get your money's worth. It's all about your brand/branding yourself,remember,the more people see the more they understand or accept things. If you need more information just comment or email me and do follow👌

    Wednesday, May 27, 2015

    Artist, Entertainers,Poets,Musicians,Lyricists,Bands In Wisconsin!!!

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    Sunday, May 24, 2015

    Did You?

    Did you even take time to listen to that full argument or statement that was being made before you cut that person off to make your point? Did you just commit that crime knowing that you're guilty,and had the nerve to expect sympathy afterwards? Did you just do those drugs then wonder why when you applied for that job,failed that drug test and couldn't get hired?Did you just get drunk,hop behind the wheel of that car and kill that little kid,someones sister,brother,mother,father?Were you the one crying about how unfair life is,took that weapon and decided to commit suicide or unleashed your fucked up issues onto the outside world just to make everyone else suffer with you?was that you walking around putting on that show pretending to be something that you know wasn't you just to impress or in fear that the rest of the world would not approve or pass judgment on you for being yourself ? Did you know that if you were truly religious marriage(a sacred vow made before God bonding a woman and man together till death)would hold more value than it does,we would know that religious beliefs should be universal,and in that should be a common ground somewhere amongst all..?Did you know that we are not animals but human beings and that being able to talk and work things out is not a sign of weakness or loosing,but just proves that fact?Did you know that persons situation,background,inflictions before you began to immediately look down on them? Did you make a valid effort before you just gave up on that?Did you make it all the way through this without getting pissed dissecting my words,or making up some lame ass excuse why you did,probably not..but if you did that's good 

    Wednesday, May 20, 2015

    A Bad Rep.

    Guns and the right to have them have been a controversy for so many years now,my thought is that there are a lot of ignorance in this world and that doesn't apply to everyone that wants to own a gun. When you take achohol and mix it with firearms yes you may have issues,same as with drugs,but if you key those same factors into most situations it spells problem. There's no real way to keep guns out of the hands of ignorant people besides ban them entirely,and I for one Do Not agree with that..I exercise my right under the second amendment which states “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”       and anyone that doesn't like it can kiss my ...

    Who Wants That?

    What's real?real is the thought that I'd lay down my life for what I believe in..& that I hold dear to my heart,not just sit in the back talking somebody else's talk.I don't proclaim to be no killer, but if it's your thought to cause me bodily harm then I won't think twice..more than words,we have all these fake ass dudes walking around throwing up signs and claiming to be so hardcore but got all of that literature from a damn movie or something like that,anybody that's associated with the projects in any way,associated with the hood in any way,starred down that gun at any point,went hungry struggling for that next meal they know,I ain't about to glorify s***! Oops...did I use profanity?you Not supposed to let anyone hear you speak that way!...(but it's ok as long as the rest of the world doesn't hear you😁in the privacy of your own home.So look this way,you don't see the gold grillz,you don't see me talking that gangsta talk,my pants don't hang off my ass,every other word that comes out of my mouth isn't nig** now,I appreciate the small things in life,I appreciate the touch and company of a beautiful woman,and know that beauty doesn't limit to some skinny supermodel perception. I appreciate each and every meal that I receive,the shoes that I put on my feet,but I tell you something that I don't appreciate is these so called religious ones out there finding God then condemning the rest of the world that doesn't follow you,more than words is the fact that instead of looking down at the world try working to spread that message to others and not the big bad bully on the playground way😏 I'm not so quick to prove how bad I 
    am anymore,more than words prove it to who?thought,it's pointless ..well it's like I said before perception is a funny thing & a lot of these people out here nowadays have a serious problem with fact & fiction,because if it's not wrapped in a pretty little package then who wants that?

    Saturday, May 16, 2015

    The Tree

    Man,as I sit and watch this tree,this old old are you tree?,are you happy?if you had a choice what would you rather be?my,my,my,the things you must have seen,things you must have encountered.Season after season passes by and just like clockwork you go through your routine changes,seems to me that nothing really does change,or not significant enough to to brag about,but I notice..notice your leaves change colors,notice as they slowly fall away,notice as ice covers your trunk and branches then notice when it has all melted away. I see you tree..when everyone else just walks or runs around you,climbs you,leans on you,but never really pays attention to you,I see you.Watching you out of my window as your leaves begin to return,wow,another year and the process has started all over again the questions on my mind..will there be anything different?will there be any unsuspected surprises in store? I often find myself looking past the things that are in front of me missing out on the importance of living wishing for more which may never come 

    Friday, May 15, 2015

    What's Your Motivation

    If you take a good look around you hot shot..EVERYONE has a motive,or ulterior motive for everything we do.. good or bad,but just because you're too busy thinking that your the shit,your shit don't stink,head up your ass,doesn't mean it's not there beneath all that bullshit

    The Power Of Perception

    Perception is a funny thing,because the mind tends to believe whatever it wants either way. We,or at least I know I do,have the tendency to reiterate things that I want to believe or convince myself of as well as the people around me also,no matter whether something's true or not,as long as I believe it,and everyone else believes it it's reality to me.. I'm famous,everything and everybody is talking about me,everyone,or just a specific someone is out to hurt me (also,does creating a common enemy bring the most uncommon people together?) veryone wants or desires me,this person is this,this person is that, until that day that reality collides with what we have perceived as reality and now it's time to own up to the perception that we have built. Now,it seems easier to just have been honest with myself first of all,then everyone else into start with,does it not?

    Sunday, May 10, 2015

    You don't like it?Who the hell cares!

    I know in this day & time that everyone won't approve the stuff that I have to say,but who the hell cares..quit hurting people with your bullying,your baseless taunting,deceitful & manipulative lies to gain ones support.Nowadays everybody wants to be ego stroked or praised for doing nothing,well I say f*** praise! & ego means about as much to me as a cup with a hole in the bottom,pointless or useless. If I don't talk like I was raised inside a cage or cave nobody's clapping..nobody's giving me a million views..sharing & sending me fn what,I'm still voicing my opinions & that's just what they are my view on things no matter how close some of my stuff hit close or touch nerves keep the vanity I'm not talking specifically to or for anyone personally. I do feel the need to open my eyes & accept that this world is not the big circus that a large percentage would portray it as,but money is money I guess,& most will do just about anything to get their share.Education didn't start in schools,a lot of our ancestors were self educated people (think about that) live life & have fun doing it,but know that ignorance is bliss & there is a fine line between having fun & the assassination of ones character. People can & will say & do things to destroy you in order to uplift themselves,but to me,when you not liked or welcomed with open arms by the masses you're either misunderstood, doing or saying something right,or perhaps just a flat out p-o-s.. where do you fit in 

    Friday, May 8, 2015

    The Society Of Parenthood

    (Me)Mom I'm pissed...
    (Me) I was telling your granddaughter to do something yesterday & her hard head wouldn't listen so I tapped her with the belt, & I mean tapped her 
    (Mom)Oh boy
    What happened?
    (Me)she had a fit telling her mom I'm going to tell my teacher that dad abused me 
    (Mom)Are you serious!
    (Me)Then she (her mom) lashes out at me as if she agreed with her
    (Mom)Have she gone mad?
    (Mom)I'm sorry but you live in a mad house 
    (Mom) don't know how she(other daughter) made it
    (Me) I mean mom I wasn't even serious..I was just getting her attention, It wasn't even a hard tap
    (Mom)So what you think is going to happen now
    (Mom)What kind of woman/mother couldn't or wouldn't see that? 
    (Mom)So what you think is going to happen now?                                           (Me) Like?nothing is going to I said she got her feeling hurt & did the typical new age child bs,you can't discipline me or I'm going to yell child abuse
    (Mom) You have to be careful with that stuff now 
    (Me) I'm just upset that I have that type of child,the one that is manipulative & vindictive & doesn't want to follow rules unless it's on their terms
    (Mom) That's bad 
    (Me) Like I said before you have a world full of unconcerned, misguided,honestly abusive,lowdown,dastardly parents in this world but I'm not one of them
    (Me)It's easy to let a child disrespect you and tell you no,that they will not do what you say,talk back,call you nasty names,curse you out with profanity and in some instances swing on you or even hit you,
    That's where she(my daughters mom) is headed 
    (Me) I'm pissed because at what point are we as parents allowed to do just that,be parents,when did it become a debate on who's the child and who's the parent?that every little disciplinary action is considered "abuse"
    (Mom) You are correct but unfortunately it's a delicate situation and they are always on the child side 
    (Me) Side?,are me and my child against each other?..there is no side..only parents and children and a society of individuals trying to bully my sense of direction in a world where we frown upon just that,bullying...     How do you think for yourself when the thinking is being done for you! at what point do we have the right to make valid and adequate choices in or own lives concerning our kids?Understanding that there will always be bad apples on every apple tree,and as much as they want to believe that everyone should adhere to one set standard,we are all individual,and no one set standard can practically apply to everyone with there being so many different dynamics 

    Monday, May 4, 2015

    Wtf do you do when your child just doesn't seem to see the bigger picture😤😔

    Today my son was arrested..for what?taking someone's cellphone.Now if its not already bad enough we are already going through a bunch of other stuff that I won't get deep into. How does a positive effort turn into more negative bs? I have no clue,this was supposed to be an effort to keep him motivated to do good,keep his mind off of negative things & also to keep him active.Not only does he manage to get into trouble,but he does it right under my nose,because I sit with him through his practices.Now the overly positive attitude to have would be to say,oh it's not my fault,there's nothing that i could've done about it & im doing the best that I can..or let reality set in & get pissed about it & the fact that I'm extremely exhausted & exhausting almost every tactic that I can think of to get through to this kid & nothing's working or changing. Hey,you can always take the barbarian way and club them over the head a few times..nah,don't need social services on your ass for child abuse right,lol at that one. I've come a long way from the philosophy that I use to have on the word parenting and believe me it's not the in line one sided crap that the masses push on us because we're all happy until it's our kid on the news for killing us,murder,sexual assault,drug trafficking,etc. right. Best put,you can instill all of the junk that we're taught builds character,or step out of the line and individually give our child our own practical and also practiced views,because really,we are made to take care of *our*kids,held responsible for everything that *our* kids do,then governed  on our methods of parenting *our* kids.. hmmm,sounds like to me we have no control at all. Okay,so I'll just keep trying,remembering that everyones situation is different and that me doing my best is the best that I can do,keep pushing positive statements in his ear,keep pushing participation as well as personality and promote plus enforce consequences for poor choices and hold faith that that'll be enough pull him through  

    Thursday, April 30, 2015

    Wisconsin.. What's Going On?

    This is a Facebook group dedicated to the State of Wisconsin and the people,places & things going on around the area. Feel free to join,add friends and help this group to grow in numbers & to stay productively limitless keeping its members informed about Wisconsin.. What's Going On? 

    Tuesday, April 28, 2015

    Seeking Justification

    When you spending all your damn time criticizing,down playing,shiting on my name,what's that saying? Well first off you probably need some business of your own..I think it's something about me that clearly bothers you,which I can't understand how one person can take up so much of your can I possibly control your actions that way??? I mean come on man...are you that into what's going on in my little world that you feel the need to try to adjust my situation with your perfect ass..nah,you not all that perfect are you,but yet and still my ears keep on ringing,and you keep singing that same tired ole song,and your the reason why.

    Monday, April 27, 2015

    & then there was one..

    Everyday,everything,everyone.. I must live my life to coencide with this. Hours upon hours,opening my eyes with the intent to get closer to normality or at least some level of stability, maintenance in my head or in the things around me got me thinking change and rearrange,condensing and coordination in order to clone the understanding or mentality my acquaintances. There is a list,but this list seems about as achievable as touching the sun. Walking in unison with my consciousness to meet up with reality on that cold foggy road called destiny ,thumb up,hitchhiking,working to reach my destination,my time line,my purpose,the reason why I wake up and deal with this unpredictable series of events which make up my existence. To experience the  epiphany that although bits and pieces of someone else's puzzle my resemble ours,our journey is our own,no one voice holds the answers,and that no one person can give you the key to what we have already self consciously known 

    Saturday, April 18, 2015

    Clones(products of our environment)cont

    Why do we still call each other niggas?why do we disrespect our race and accept others doing the same?this is not culture,only ignorance,nobody wants to see our underwear,if every other word is profanity how deep can ones vocabulary really be?can we invest in something other than our appearance?,if you come from poverty,violence,why would you want to glorify that?give people a reason to respect you,because if we continue to do the same garbage that people expect from us,we disrespect the things that people have suffered and accomplished in the past to get us this far

    The Truth Doesn't Cost You Anything (cont)

    I don't care if I wasn't a slave or if it is in the past, I do however care that it is history,also that I still witness racial division to this day,anyone that can't see that ignorance is the real destroyer of lives as well as humanity  

    Social Issues ll

    At one point I was informed with this statement; I applaud you ,but you're going to loose/you're in a loosing battle..and what this was pertaining to was instilling the basic fundamentals and values in my kids,now how we got to this area of conversation was when I started to share some things that were bothering me like the open access of iPads in their don't get me wrong I can appreciate technology,but Ive watched it first hand how this can be damaging along with any positive points about that situation. Some would have to agree that electronic devices have stunted the mental growth of most who use them especially children and youth,always walking around with something to talk,text,play some type of game or etc. on. The ability to function in society as well as on a personal level has diminished greatly at the hands of technology. Social,but poor social skills. Advancing is good,but without the basics there wouldn't be anything to advance to.Basic math,reading,writing,spelling,communication,parenting,interaction.Why would you text me from the next room or even standing next to me? has anyone noticed the lack of ability to cope with the simplest things today? the lack of the ability to hold an intellectual conversation?the lack of the ability to focus on one thing for an extended period of time?. The overall inability to interact with people.Virtual reality has taken the place of real human contact and communication.. a proven fact is that when you tell the mind something over and over again practical or not,you can believe anything,but the issue with that is that at some point you have to come back to reality which unfortunately sometimes fall apart due to neglect.You ever wonder how many people do sh** just because they see somebody else doing it?how many envious issues arise,how many jealous thoughts come about?which in turn makes it that much harder to sustain good relationships and family structure

    For Every Action (cont)

    believe it or not,there is a natural order of things & when tampered with there are consequences, whether short term or long term


    It’s just like the post title says;face it man we all want to be previewed a certain way,seen in a certain like,the fear of views taunts almost if not all of us,so we make moves accordingly. It’s all dressing;you know like that stuff that you put on salads,most would agree that one without dressing is bland,unappealing and undesirable so no matter the calories or damage is does we add it anyways,but do we in fact really need it or is it just a mindset

    Clones(products of our environment)

    In life I hope we'd  all love to be remembered,loved,honored,  carried on in some way shape form or fashion..a legacy,what did my life mean?what impact did I leave on existence and those close to and around me? A portion of psychology is to dig deep into a situation to find answers or an explanation of something which I find slightly humorous,we run to people to find the answers for us when a lot of the time if we put in the effort the answers are sometimes right in front of us. 

    The Truth Doesn't Cost You Anything (cont)

    I know that people hate to hear the truth when it makes them have to assess their wrong doings,Worrying is human nature,for anyone that says that they never worry is a lie..even I worry when I put bad things out there. I always try to access the worth it factor, if you step back and actually evaluate the pros and cons of a situation()()()if the payout isn't worth the trouble why put myself and others thru bs.. 

    Stepping Out Of The Line

    Why does giving advice always seem to be so much easier than taking it. I myself am a very challenging person,just about everything someone throws at me I question it,to me it's kind of like a game of some sort,where I'm the host and you're the contestant who has to answer my questions correctly or loose. The problem with a contradictory person is that while it may be an ego thing or some other underlined issue,this type of characteristic can be quite a handful to deal with.I admire freethinkers,someone who speaks their mind no matter the outcome ,against all odds,opposing the normal thought process,going against the grain,the ability to see things in a totally different light is rare and refreshing.I have been told several times over as well as seen that the human mind can and is programmed as if that of a robot,from what we consume,wear,watch,believe in,where we go,what we do,how we act,who we trust,what we spend our money on,what's and who's acceptable.I believe we all need that defining moment/moments in our lives,the ones where we say the hell with it and do what the heart desires or forever live in the thought of what may have been,passed or squandered opportunity only leads to regret and resentment.Embrace every moment while remembering merely existing is not living,words I need to live by myself also.

    Ignorance Becomes Us ll

    People are so easily intimidated I mean why I miss out on something just because of the idea that you put in your Mind about something? Or someone if we could get past our own personal interest,closed mindedness and feelings  we probably be amazed at how many things were not what we thought they were

    The Power In Words/ Words To Live By ll

    People we need to keep the lines of communication open!Don't feel afraid to speak out on things!we have come to the conclusion that if it doesn't directly affect us,that it's not a big deal or of any concern..yes it does matter!what doesn't directly affect us may affect us in some round about way..turning our heads to all of the issues plaguing us today should no longer be an option!I mean,what are we teaching our future predecessors?I know the thought process,"who am I to say anything""why should I be the one to speak up"well for the simple fact,each one teaches another,and it's a positive step in the right direction..who knows what might change because of it.If something is wrong it's wrong no matter how we try to rationalize.Nothing that we've done in our past should hinder us from becoming a better person,teaching better methods,or wanting to see our kids and others around us do better 

    Friday, April 17, 2015


    You have to be careful of change,it can be positive unless pushed by critical self motivated outside influencers,never base your efforts to be a better person or to do better for yourself because of someone else's criticism or overbearing plight to change your thought process,adjust things about or around you,or manipulate you to view things their way for their self gain. Change should first and foremost benefit you then the side effects should then pour onto others,if this is not the case then I would seriously weigh the pros and cons of that change before I decide to make it.

    Thursday, April 16, 2015


    : Ever had that moment where that BIG thing that you swore by turned failure,or that once it happens the achievement felt meaningless or bittersweet? happens to me all the damn time..we all are taught to strive to be the best,that our accomplishments define u,I'd have to agree to a certain degree. Tell me this,what happens when the drive for accomplishment begins to overpower judgement?and that will to accomplish is all that you now see.People tend to model themselves in whatever image they portray as who or where they want to not knowing that that image is not always easy or what it seems underneath. The ability or desire to muck in someone else's life is never going to stop,but the truth of it is half of the time the advice is bad and one sided,also it's hard to point someone in the right direction without any idea of what that direction should be..(example)Everyone isn't meant to be a doctor or lawyer etc. so how can one model themselves exactly like someone else? or live their life exactly as someone else has?back to my point,it takes a certain amount of ingredients to create the correct recipe,your accomplishments shouldn't be the only ingredient in your life dish. I won't attempt to tell you what you should add,but block out the influence and focus on adding a solid foundation to those accomplishments  

    Come On,Really...

    Ok this little insert here was inspired by an event that took place while going to the grocery store,now I understand that we are going to be men & do have the tendency to check out women as they're passing by,but a point that I'd like to address about this is that the average female doesn't like to be sexually assaulted while trying to buy her groceries. Okay,senerio,I happen to be pulling up to the store at this point & this lady was coming out the store,& while walking towards her car two african american gentlemen were headed inside saw this woman & proceeded to practically undress her with their eyes. The problem with this is no *lady* wants to feel violated in this way, and truth,no *lady*really goes for that thirsty look so try to contain yourself my friend, it's embarrassing to us as well kind of pathetic we are no longer cavemen.

    Tuesday, April 14, 2015

    Ignorance Becomes Us

    It has the ability to control our every action, good or bad, But mostly the  good ones. Now why do we stubbornly ignore things that we know we need to do or should be doing even if we know that it will or is effecting us?

    Monday, April 13, 2015

    I Know..

    Remembering the times,times of struggle,times of grief,times of hardship,times of pain,things that cannot be changed,things that the normal person could not even begin to phantom,looking thru the rear view window of my mind and trying to place everything into its proper order,to make sense of it all,kind of like climbing the toughest cliff and trying not to fall,often riddled with notions of giving up,but letting go would be the easy way out,don’t you think?yes,it can get hard,harder for some than others,but that thing called choice,will I let life get the best of me?or grab ahold,place adversity beneath my feet and not over my head,negative to positive,keep moving forward,remembering good or bad,the past ,which is who I am,but never dwelling there,after all your past is just that,yet still I remember

    Change(never loose sight)

    Change(never loose sight)You have to be careful of change,it can be positive unless pushed by critical self motivated outside influencers,never base your efforts to be a better person or to do better for yourself because of someone else’s criticism or overbearing plight to change your thought process,adjust things about or around you,or manipulate you to view things their way for their self gain. Change should first and foremost benefit you then the side effects should then pour onto others,if this is not the case then I would seriously weigh the pros and cons of that change before I decide to make it most of all never loose sight of who you are trying to adhere to the questionable beliefs of someone else,no matter who it is