Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Some Keys To Healthy Relationships?

Keys to healthy relationships.. No not really,just my two cents worth of opinions. Tip:never over expect, unreachable expectations can destroy any relationship. I will constantly hear the words "in Gods eyes" my answer to that would have to undoubtedly be; if you're not a sinner then I'll listen to you!because even the most self proclaimed holiest of them all are flawed in some way/ways,also if you live your life criticizing someone else for what they've done but justifying your own shady actions no matter how small shame on you.. There is no better or justifiable sin! That being said, one key to a heathy relationship would definitely have to be the physical aspect, not just sex but actually being physically intune with your partner,admit it or not we all are victims of wanting more from our partners physically,no one said you'd act on it,but the feeling is there.Exploration with your partner.. restraint leads to boredom,& FYI, Marriage doesn't or shouldn't feel like a death sentence,everyone deserves to be happy/excited sexually & the more sex the better! Say what you may,but if your partner doesn't agree they are either unattracted to you,unstimulated by you,bored or getting it elsewhere (masturbation or otherwise) communication is another thing I'd say is important also, if you can't even talk to someone then how do you expect to connect with them,understand them,and most importantly coincide with them in any way? I'd love for anyone reading to share their opinion of what they think the recipe to a great relationship is 

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