Friday, January 29, 2016

Apn Settings- straight talk -guaranteed mms

Something that I ran across which was helpful to me & hopefully it will be for some of you reading as well. These are the straighttalk apn settings I use on the Galaxy S6.BiteTheApple2k-Facebook-Straighttalk Apn Settings

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cynical Side To The American Dream

Okay get mad,comment how you may,disagree or what have you but I speak the truth & the saying is that the truth shall set you free. Reality.. nothing more than a falecy to a large number of people, because sadly a lot of people will be nothing more than average Americans, it's not a bad thing if you're comfortable that way or that is where you want to be,but for the ones aspiring to be successful on some level,the probability of that actually happening is slim. Who wouldn't love to have the big house/houses,fancy cars,expensive clothing etc.? But if everyone were on top who'd be on bottom looking up? Honestly,who has spent their whole life working towards success but only being greeted by death? how many times have you asked yourself why? What are they doing that I'm not!? Is it possible that embracing mediocrity is my destiny? is it possible that I'm chasing the wrong dream? I'm in trying hard enough? I had a thought,maybe I just accept what's in front of me and stop forcing just embracing then my path will be shown to me? So much wasted time,so much disappointment, so much stress worrying about what I can't control. Could the real dream be me being happy and content with where I'm at, no matter how much I have,the person I'm with,or how successful that I am or am not?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

2016 Election Woes

Ok so with no substantial or maybe eye opening candidates stepping up we are forced to sift through the bullish and pick a "good" candidate for president in 2016 right? Well I do know one thing that one should keep in mind, going backwards can never mean moving forward. I'm saying,the only time that I go back and search for things that I've either thrown away,left behind or possibly something that I'd like to reminisce upon,but not for my presidential candidates.. Let's face it,we all know that most if not all the bs that we are being served is to do one thing and that's win right? But when I vote it's at least an attempt at helping to see our nation move forward in a positive way. If I'm not mistaken at one point didn't she attempt to disassociate herself  from president Obama? Hmmm.. We need a fresh face,a fresh perspective and not just a democratic or republican title. So that being said no I will not be voting for Hillary Clinton nor Donald Gump.

Monday, January 11, 2016

I Put You On

I think it's a shame that you feel like keeping helpful information to yourself at times because some people just aren't considerate. I can see why some people be reluctant to help you out,I know if I gave you a hand by hooking you up with a connection & your selfish inconsiderate ass burn that option for me you can figure that next one out on your own.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Exercise Your Relationship

Okay so I wanted to touch on a topic that just ran through my mind and thought it would be interesting to someone out there. It's a thought on relationships and their plateau process. Similar to exercise and the idea that once the body/weight reaches a certain level,you'd need to mix up your routines (eating,workouts etc.) or things tend to go stagnant. This can also occur in relationships. So my thought process on this is during the plateau stages in the relationship,making changes,mixing things up could help maintain a strong healthy relationship. A key factor in all of this is both parties involved have to want the relationship to grow or evolve or any effort is pointless,and much like with exercise it takes a willingness,determination, and the ability to block out ANY AND ALL outside distractions that may defer you from  achieving your goals no matter how big or small they may be. P.S outside influences/interference destroys relationships. Lack of intimacy destroys relationships. Lack of communication destroys relationships. Now if I could only get my shit together:)