Friday, November 25, 2016

Everyone has an opinion

Please don't try to push your idea of what I'm supposed to act like,look like,talk like and how my supposed to handle things in my life because of your perception or stipulation of the words right and wrong.. Your views on how things should be are not the same as mine which makes me different not wrong

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Alone On Thanksgiving (a short story)

He turns over in his big bed to the annoying sound of his iPhone alarm going off thinking in his mind, why did I set this damn thing?!?! Sighs as he listens to National Lampoon's Thanksgiving Family Reunion movie playing on the tv trying to figure out what he had to be thankful for. Up and adam,take a look in the mirror rub his head then off to the bathroom to shit,shower,shave. Hop out the shower,now wrapped in nothing but his towel he heads to the kitchen to fix himself a drink,took a few swallows then fire up a cigarette contemplating what he would be doing this thanksgiving day. A few missed calls,a few Facebook messages wishing his a happy holiday and several invitations for dinner,but that never bothered him before,he's always been kinda a loner so why should this day be any different?besides,how'd it look me just showing up out of the blue when I'm never around otherwise?. Taking a look in the refrigerator damn..didn't do any shopping! hmmm,guess I'd better get dressed and go pick up something. Sadly most if not pretty much all restaurants are closed today,well at least the ones that he desired anyway.Not being very much of a cook it would be kinda hard to prepare a descent meal on such short notice.About an hour had now passed,several grocery stores and mini marts later he managed to russell up a few items. Home sweet home,nothing important going,no company,well maybe later;).. he jumped back into his sleep ware to get comfy warmed up his frozen turkey dinner took a place in front of the tv with his drink took a sip and said to himself Happy Thanksgiving to me. The moral of this well there is no moral,we place rules on everything and everybody. I say if you're a big family person keep right on there's nothing wrong with that,but if you're not then that's your choice,but never be afraid to change that if that is what your heart desires people especially family while they do have the tendency to disappoint can in some instances surprise you as well. A Happy Thanksgiving to all

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Relationships,casual encounters,going the distance

I know that I've said all encounters are relationships there is an exception,one contact.. but unless there is only one contact with said person and that's it period,but now I just want to touch on the whole stick together and let's make this work thing.. Every relationship has a timeline,deadline,expiration date..whether 1day,1month,1year,10years etc. peep the signs on it,play the part accordingly.So that's just dummy talk! if something isn't going to work it just isn't.. and signs of that are present as early as a day,week,month just don't be a fool and waste precious time on someone who clearly isn't healthy or dragging you down. Compromising values or personal health isn't a relationship you want to get caught in,invest your time in nor worth the effort. Feel free to comment

Some Realness

If you not doing good how can you help someone else do good? how can you care for someone if you can't and don't care for yourself? If you have nothing can you share that with someone else? I love comments and input so people let me know what you think

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Three Rs

Recognize,Realize,React. First you recognize there is a situation,next you realize a method in which you'll approach that situation which leads to a well thought out reaction 

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Masturbation Poll?

Do you think that masturbation in a relationship or marriage is normal?

Dating & Relationships 101

Dating and Relationships are complicated enough without all extras. I get exhausted sometimes just saying the words.Taking to online has really taken a piss on the matter as well. I have learned from my experience in the dating world that there are very much detrimental dos and dont's. Now this male and female psychological thing isn't very complex,but we tend to complicate shit by throwing ego and emotional self worthiness into the equation which tends to lead to the argumentative point in a relationship. While I'm speaking on the word relationship I want to just say that a lot of people tend to get mixed up or selective on what they'd consider a relationship and base on feelings and mind state when dealing with each encounter individually,but in fact no matter how insignificant,brief,emotionless
a relationship is and I quote "the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected." now back to what I was saying. Once we get to the argumentative state it's time to decide whether or not it's worth the stress of making or proving a point,prolonged bickering,longterm unresolved attitude issues and an overall stain on your relationship? One of the number one destroyers of a relationship is egotistical issues,one wanting to always be right and never compromise,you can't always be the one talking,because I'm pretty sure if you are then you can't possibly be listening. Communicate your concerns,no matter how you think the other may take it,don't take to the streets for guidance because you'll receive a lot of misleading information which can only further damage a relationship. Remain intimate with your partner at all cost! I STRESS NOT JUST SEX! I know it seems hard,but without an ego it gets a lot easier. Effort is the key to an effective healthy relationship, I can't recall how many times I've purposely shut down,shut out,let ego control my actions but the outcome was always the same,nonproductive bs. I tell you this,you must want it or it won't work. P.S. Watch out for mental instability signs because in some cases there's just nothing you can do.;)

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Understanding Your Strength

Division,separation,ignorance.. The only way to break this cycle of turmoil is unity in numbers,and understanding.. the each one teach one method. We were ALL given this world but we did not create it! Know the power of unity & use it!

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