Thursday, July 29, 2021

Past, Present, Future

A lot of people think that they and what they want are the most important thing in the world,but among millions of people who also have feelings,ambitions,different opinions of the situation,where does that leave you? I myself am to the point where if all you have to say is I or me we can’t vibe and that’s that,we all are selfish beings, but that shits just not going to fly with me! I’m saying,you’re either for me or against me,on the side of me or behind me. I can’t compromise my sanity for you,my freedom of expression for you,nor my character. What’s in the past,live in the present and look towards the future 

Thursday, July 15, 2021

The Same

Why change? Leaving no excuses,

listen to the lyrics

Sometimes I get to thinking,yeah I want to write,I got something to say,so let me blog about it,then as soon as I start writing nothing...ok so this is the time that I say fk it,whatever you’re thinking,just write whatever is on your mind,no matter what it is,say that ish,just because you have to get it out,you think it’s unimportant,so.. you think no one is listening,so.. speak your mind end of discussion