Friday, February 23, 2018

My Faith, Unfaithful Why???

Why am I even writing this post;why do we tend to love the ones that don’t love us back? Why do we do and say hurtful things knowing the effect that they have? Why is it so damn hard to be honest,first with ourselves and next in general? Why must we cheat?cheat ourselves,others..Why is it so damn hard to admit shit? Why can’t I just do those things that I am fully aware needs to be done? Why do feelings always have to get in the way of my sound judgement? Why the fk do idiots have to screw things up for the genuinely good people? Why must I subscribe to any labels when I just want to be myself? Why is it so damn hard to love myself? Why do we put off things that we know have to be addressed knowing that ignoring the issue will only make matters worse?why do I feel the need to just because you do? Why is there so much pain and suffering? Why is that all the wrong things are so important? Why is it that majority of positive voices go unheard? Have you ever felt socially inadequate? Is there more money pumped into food advertising,political and government exploit, liquor,drugs,fashion? Why can’t I just accept things status quo? A well maintained me is a happy me,a positive me,a productive me,which then passes on to others in,around and beyond.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Zoning Out

You know you’re really in your zone when you,forget to tie your shoes,you put your shirt on inside out,mismatch socks or shoes,lock your keys in the house or car,get entirely too far then remember that important thing that you forgot to bring with... call it,I’d love to hear back on this👂🏾

We Fall..

Ever get the feeling that no matter how hard you try shit just doesn’t work out for you??? Damn,Damn,Damn......Down,but get back up!

For My Readers

I love serenity,and solitude doesn’t have to be a bad thing because it gives me time to think,perspective, the ability to see that the world is bigger than me,or me and you,staying true to my character now that’s a different story,but acceptance,now that’s to think about...

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Reminiscing And Recognition A Valentines Day Inspired Post

Up late night as I’m such an night owl,mostly laying back staring at the ceiling thinking,sometime reading or watching old movies. Yeah so,in my latest late night thoughts I’m thinking damn some shit is very weird,strange even; if I’d have to categorize myself it’d have to be non traditional,I’m not for subscribing to labels nor sticking to status quo but I’m getting off track so,anyhew something on my mind that I thought I’d share to whom ever will listen; I have a deep new found and profound luv for people,good people,but I love you mom we haven’t always been on the same page but I’m a mommas boy what can I say,to shonda thank you for all the hard work that you put into raising our children star who is not only intelligent but also inspirational as well and twan jr who will hopefully start to hear and find his way,and for being a good friend and confidant through out it all,hey pops,we’ve had our differences and difficulties along the way but now in a better place and I’m loving this. My grandma mary we’ve had our differences but there is much love admiration and respect there. Miss Hermine,Francis that’s what I knew,you have a permanent place in my heart as well as my bestie lem our friendship will stand the test of time my man. To my sister Lisa love you rest your soul,always in my thoughts my ace for life,Maine,James my nephews but more like brothers to me,my uncle John for being there,guidance,showing me the way when I needed that. Sir Charles or uncle Rudy don’t ever change we may not always agree but we’ve always connected. The love of my life which is my hearts little one nae,baby girl all I can say is that you’re tattooed on my soul,a piece of my heart belongs to you and in a different world all would be perfect,but unfortunately this one is all we’ve got. You know,unconditional is a special word,special is as special does,I have infinite respect for you ,admiration for you,but you already knew that right..because you put in the effort to deserve that kind of respect with no intro needed because you know who you are even if I don’t or choose not to;but right now I’m just doing a little Reminiscing And Recognition🙏

Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Forbidden Hole Yes Or No

Okay so I’m going to switch it up a bit in this post and briefly touch on Anal Sex the Ins and outs;much like oral sex this seems to be a conflicting topic or issue for many,especially the married couple,not so much a younger generation issue though. Okay,anal sex; while I find it quite interesting,pleasurable,intense,etc. etc.,quite a few have very different experiences and opinions on the subject.Some like it,some find it disgusting,some tolerate it,and some are obsessed with it.Both women and men please share your feelings,views,experiences so that me and other readers as well may be enlightened,I’d love to know what you think on this subject. 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

An Undefined Love

Soft spoken words,the kind of conversations that can go on forever..a bond,a bond that can never be broken,and I know that I should never say never,but that’s just the way that these types of feelings make me feel,never easily broken,like a wild stallion,and past experiences,my trials and tribulations can attest to that,but never dwelling on nor letting any issues,situations take control of me,mold me in its image so to speak, and my affection runs deep,deep enough to understand,pay attention to detail,like the way that you walk,the way that you talk,the simple things and ways that you show affection,compassion,empathy,yes even when you’re silent your mere presence speaks louder than words,I see you,all that you are,all that you are not,your ability to be humble,vulnerable,open;your passion self,your inspirational being,which I say emphatically that I adore being in. What is love,which I ask myself constantly,but four little letters brought together to express something so powerful, but used so loosely,manipulatively,so why would I want to cheapen this,these feelings which explore my very core,tattoo my soul,fuel me to be the best me that I can possibly be. Refined,never confined,always an open mind and yet never feel the need to be defined because you need no description,and I luv that,an undefined love.

Friday, February 9, 2018

The Day Is Like You

I write this because I am sad,sad that you have to go,that things have to change,the way my eyes start to see,the way my heart starts to feel,the way my hands touch,my perspective,my perception,my ability to remain non bias through my emotional insecurities,have we become irrelevant? or is it just that I have,have it all become nonexistent, or is it the fact that you must go away in order to become a new,it seems such a shame to let you,no to see you go with so much promise of more to come,but maybe that’s just it,that within your departure lies the promise of more to come. Surely insignificant quarrels,pettiness,deceitfulness,evilness couldn’t have been your motivation behind your abrupt behavior;no,because you always come back;more beautiful,forgiving,motivational,inspirational,hopeful and promising than the day before,and if I’m blessed to,I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

My Biggest Fear..

my biggest fear is that I’ll die without meaning,Never get to say all the things that I should have said,Never be fully understood,feel that indescribable feeling,give enough of myself to where it counts within,that there is nothing more to my life than this.. I don’t want to shit on the good things that I have been blessed to see and experience and all the wonderful people that I have come in contact with and lost along the way when I say this either.I’m sure that there are a lot of people that feel this way,whether they admit it or not. This is a round circle post, I’d love to hear from others so please feel free to share your opinions and thoughts. Also don’t forget to hit that follow link as well 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Uber, Uber Eats Plug

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