Saturday, February 10, 2018

An Undefined Love

Soft spoken words,the kind of conversations that can go on forever..a bond,a bond that can never be broken,and I know that I should never say never,but that’s just the way that these types of feelings make me feel,never easily broken,like a wild stallion,and past experiences,my trials and tribulations can attest to that,but never dwelling on nor letting any issues,situations take control of me,mold me in its image so to speak, and my affection runs deep,deep enough to understand,pay attention to detail,like the way that you walk,the way that you talk,the simple things and ways that you show affection,compassion,empathy,yes even when you’re silent your mere presence speaks louder than words,I see you,all that you are,all that you are not,your ability to be humble,vulnerable,open;your passion self,your inspirational being,which I say emphatically that I adore being in. What is love,which I ask myself constantly,but four little letters brought together to express something so powerful, but used so loosely,manipulatively,so why would I want to cheapen this,these feelings which explore my very core,tattoo my soul,fuel me to be the best me that I can possibly be. Refined,never confined,always an open mind and yet never feel the need to be defined because you need no description,and I luv that,an undefined love.

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