Friday, February 9, 2018

The Day Is Like You

I write this because I am sad,sad that you have to go,that things have to change,the way my eyes start to see,the way my heart starts to feel,the way my hands touch,my perspective,my perception,my ability to remain non bias through my emotional insecurities,have we become irrelevant? or is it just that I have,have it all become nonexistent, or is it the fact that you must go away in order to become a new,it seems such a shame to let you,no to see you go with so much promise of more to come,but maybe that’s just it,that within your departure lies the promise of more to come. Surely insignificant quarrels,pettiness,deceitfulness,evilness couldn’t have been your motivation behind your abrupt behavior;no,because you always come back;more beautiful,forgiving,motivational,inspirational,hopeful and promising than the day before,and if I’m blessed to,I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. 

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