Friday, February 23, 2018

My Faith, Unfaithful Why???

Why am I even writing this post;why do we tend to love the ones that don’t love us back? Why do we do and say hurtful things knowing the effect that they have? Why is it so damn hard to be honest,first with ourselves and next in general? Why must we cheat?cheat ourselves,others..Why is it so damn hard to admit shit? Why can’t I just do those things that I am fully aware needs to be done? Why do feelings always have to get in the way of my sound judgement? Why the fk do idiots have to screw things up for the genuinely good people? Why must I subscribe to any labels when I just want to be myself? Why is it so damn hard to love myself? Why do we put off things that we know have to be addressed knowing that ignoring the issue will only make matters worse?why do I feel the need to just because you do? Why is there so much pain and suffering? Why is that all the wrong things are so important? Why is it that majority of positive voices go unheard? Have you ever felt socially inadequate? Is there more money pumped into food advertising,political and government exploit, liquor,drugs,fashion? Why can’t I just accept things status quo? A well maintained me is a happy me,a positive me,a productive me,which then passes on to others in,around and beyond.

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