Friday, March 2, 2018

Who Are You???

People tend to surprise me at times,even though I’m a realist so seeing things for what they are is kinda my way.You know I don’t know if I’ve heard this somewhere before or what,but you have to live your life like you’re the star of your own movie;how do you see yourself? what your expectations of you are;because you see people will let you down,people and things do change,yes they do change.. ultimately no one is going to be a bigger contribution or fan to your success,your well being than you. A world of one is a lonely place,so this is not a suggestion to shut anyone out,just an understanding that never get caught up in your feelings because of your thoughts of,feelings of,or your expectations nor ill perceived opinions,perceptions,point of view of others. Every person has to find their own way. I’ve always believed that our roads have already been paved,but how we choose to walk them is up to us

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