Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I know what you thought but..

Contrary to your beliefs you're not all that,looking in the mirror & telling yourself that you are just doesn't cut it. If you believe that there are not people out there using you,talking behind your back,shoveling you bs because "you're different"what an lol moment. Next time that you're in that mirror please do me a favor and take a closer look, I know that it's easier to play mind games with yourself than admit flaws,I find myself doing it sometimes too.. When I heard the statements"he can do that because of his position/career" or I have to put on this way because of what people may think of me"We've become so obsessed with status that we are willing to accept any bs handed out because of it. I don't give a hell who you are or what you have that doesn't mean anything to me!

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