Thursday, June 4, 2015

Like Wtf, Omg,Damn..,Or I Can't Believe It!

That moment when you catch your girl or guy cheating. That moment when you find out chat someone close to you ratted you out. That moment that you found out that you have that disease. The time you almost crashed. The time that you dodged that bullet. The moment that you realize that you have the winning numbers in that lottery. When you figure it out that the baby isn't yours.the moment white people found out we were having a black president. That moment when you find out your favorite idol wasn't who you thought they were. Right before that plane crashes. That moment when you figure it out that your in over your head.that moment your car stops in the middle of nowhere. When you scuff up that new pair of shoes. When you stain that new outfit. When you meet someone that you consider famous. When you've reached climax. When you don't reach climax. When you've been slapped. When you've been spit on. When you catch him scratch his balls then attempt to secretly sniff them. That moment when you catch an ass digger. That moment when you walk inside your door and find out that you've been robbed. The moment you find out he or she likes you. The moment when you get your taxes ripped. That moment when you find out that she's pregnant. Someone special dies. That time you lost that money. When you've figured out that you've locked the keys inside your car. The time that you decided to wear dirty socks and had to take your shoes off. That moment when you find something in your food. The moment moment when you get home at find out your order is wrong.the moment those prison bars slam shut. The first puffs of that fire cannibus.Catching your parents having sex.Finding out your kid is having sex.Life's just full of times and moments so feel free to add to this with comments and follow my blogs 

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