Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Tree

Man,as I sit and watch this tree,this old old are you tree?,are you happy?if you had a choice what would you rather be?my,my,my,the things you must have seen,things you must have encountered.Season after season passes by and just like clockwork you go through your routine changes,seems to me that nothing really does change,or not significant enough to to brag about,but I notice..notice your leaves change colors,notice as they slowly fall away,notice as ice covers your trunk and branches then notice when it has all melted away. I see you tree..when everyone else just walks or runs around you,climbs you,leans on you,but never really pays attention to you,I see you.Watching you out of my window as your leaves begin to return,wow,another year and the process has started all over again the questions on my mind..will there be anything different?will there be any unsuspected surprises in store? I often find myself looking past the things that are in front of me missing out on the importance of living wishing for more which may never come 

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