Friday, May 29, 2015

"Follow The Leader" So You're Different Huh

Thinking For Yourself................ The world can be a cruel can have a person so self conscious that you're scared to leave your residence  on the notion of what "the world thinks",and quite frankly I believe it's less stressful and less bs to do just that sometimes.This is something that I can guarantee that most will shrug their shoulders at,comments like "I'm my own person,I'm like no one else", "I do what I want to do" but I'd have to wonder if that's really true.I'm drawn to the statement there's two sides to every story,sometimes a different way of viewing things or looking a little bit past the surface and blocking out assumptions helps to see a little clearer or at least understand things a little better . You see we've pretty much been programmed to follow the leader or keep to protocol most of the time not even being aware of it. What we eat,what we see,what we wear,how we talk,how we think/view things,what we're knowledgeable of,what's acceptable,who's and also what's important,where we're allowed to go You ever wonder why you feel like you just have to have that food/item?look around you,if nobody cared how you look,what you're wearing,the way you talk,how much you're worth,how many people that you consider your friends/social status,what you do for a living etc. then would that stuff remain so important to you?probably not. So are you really in control of your life? Do you feel threatened by speaking your mind when you don't agree with what everyone else is doing or saying?when they tell you "this is the way that it is or supposed to be". We are all of the same likeness,though each and everyone has their individuality,we all eat,sleep,breathe,walk,talk,bleed so what makes you more important than me?your words,thoughts more important than mine? I don't claim to have all the answers but I speak my mind and if anyone wants to listen cool.. So who's really different?can say the words I don't care what you think about me and really mean them?thinking for yourself,living for your own comfortably. Every outcome can't and won't end like the perfect movie,and trying to get to that scenario could prove to be asinine,pointless and wasted time. There's nothing wrong with not being perfect. There's nothing wrong with not fitting into everyone else's idea of adequate. There's nothing wrong with stepping out of the line and just being who you are,and probably a lot less work.

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