Saturday, November 7, 2015

Internet Dating,Sex & Social Networking It

You saw my intro shit right? Sex,Lies & Keyboards.. Who's online dating? All it takes is a nonsexual relationship/marriage to end up on #Craigslist personals looking for a quick hookup.  The Internet,the good old information highway. Less work,more options.So impersonal,but yet personal at the same time. We have no clue most times who's receiving our personal data on the other end of those emails,texts,instant messages,pic uploads etc.,but we post our most private information anyways. Communication.. A very big and also important word. No one wants to communicate,but desire understanding, You can't build a sturdy foundation on surface attraction,everyone knows that the program is to dress up,aquire things,and flash up to get interest is the hype,but pass that?. Meeting people has become a chore,talking face to face,no one wants to date,get to know someone anymore. Nowadays it's I'm looking for love, I need a person that gets me,I want a good man,instant this,instant that. Guys love the fact that all they have to do is post a bunch of bs on a site such as #POF, #OBC,#AshleyMadison ,#AdultFriendFinder, #Tagged,#Badoo,#DateHookup,#Adultfriendfinder, something like or #eHarmony.I mean we sit around making these profiles adding all these restrictions,wants,requests,requirements,demands etc. ,it's not easy to find someone completely compatible with you these days for the simple fact that relationships are so damn versatile nowadays,and everyone is doing everything with little regard to the basic principles. The average guy just wants to fuck, and I mean anything and anyone,& will say and do anything just to get a little pussy,we tell these women anything that they want to hear so that we can bait them in ,because the average guy online shopping for dates knows that that female probably has a thousand other thirsty guys trying to get that same female. The day of meeting people & connection has nearly become obsolete because of the option to just fire up that computer,smart device & post a dating want ad am I right? it's much easier than getting dressed up,finding babysitters,going out & hoping to attract someone. This being said what I'm looking for is nothing,because I have no expectations here,but if you ask the right questions you get the right answers. Why am I here? Seeing what's here,window shopping,my relationship is going bad,looking for what I'm not getting at home,some good conversation,maybe build some friendships,maybe get laid without all the complicated commitment bs,& maybe find someone that isn't crazy as shit looking for love when all of this is artificial anyway. I'll finish this by saying this people,all the money,success,superficiality etc in the world can't buy true happiness or that feeling that you get when you're really adored by your partner,children or someone very important in your life. Building memories,collecting special moments,caring even when it's not easy ,having that persons back when everyone and everything is against them now that's a relationship,and there's nothing like that feeling.

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