Saturday, April 18, 2015

Stepping Out Of The Line

Why does giving advice always seem to be so much easier than taking it. I myself am a very challenging person,just about everything someone throws at me I question it,to me it's kind of like a game of some sort,where I'm the host and you're the contestant who has to answer my questions correctly or loose. The problem with a contradictory person is that while it may be an ego thing or some other underlined issue,this type of characteristic can be quite a handful to deal with.I admire freethinkers,someone who speaks their mind no matter the outcome ,against all odds,opposing the normal thought process,going against the grain,the ability to see things in a totally different light is rare and refreshing.I have been told several times over as well as seen that the human mind can and is programmed as if that of a robot,from what we consume,wear,watch,believe in,where we go,what we do,how we act,who we trust,what we spend our money on,what's and who's acceptable.I believe we all need that defining moment/moments in our lives,the ones where we say the hell with it and do what the heart desires or forever live in the thought of what may have been,passed or squandered opportunity only leads to regret and resentment.Embrace every moment while remembering merely existing is not living,words I need to live by myself also.

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