Saturday, April 11, 2015

You Big Bully!!!

I had a thought while at the gym one day that not only does my body need fitness but so does my soul..we have become so over opinionated that we fail to show compassion,bulling is not just something that goes on on school playgrounds nor a child or teenage thing,no one wants to be forced to share in someone else's beliefs or ways,or pressured to act or do something just because "everyone else is".Should I fear speaking my mind because it's not socially correct or what someone wants to hear?we all love to be right whether we admit it or not..but the true test is can we accept the reality that we are human and all prone to error.. one way to see and grab your future is to confront and embrace your past,because your past builds you,but your future defines and becomes you, also, you cannot make someone understand your point of view,only share with them your opinions A hope they understand at least some of what you're saying. I find it interesting by instinct,habit,peer pressure,the urge to follow,loneliness,hate,envy,lack of esteem,emotion,fear what we will do.. I call it "the sports"The tendency to get hostile and show anger as a sign of offense or defense in rebuttal to something said to you that you didn't like.I mean who likes to get called out on their bs right;)

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