Monday, April 27, 2015

& then there was one..

Everyday,everything,everyone.. I must live my life to coencide with this. Hours upon hours,opening my eyes with the intent to get closer to normality or at least some level of stability, maintenance in my head or in the things around me got me thinking change and rearrange,condensing and coordination in order to clone the understanding or mentality my acquaintances. There is a list,but this list seems about as achievable as touching the sun. Walking in unison with my consciousness to meet up with reality on that cold foggy road called destiny ,thumb up,hitchhiking,working to reach my destination,my time line,my purpose,the reason why I wake up and deal with this unpredictable series of events which make up my existence. To experience the  epiphany that although bits and pieces of someone else's puzzle my resemble ours,our journey is our own,no one voice holds the answers,and that no one person can give you the key to what we have already self consciously known 

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