Monday, April 13, 2015

Family Values(that male & female thang)

So I was thinking about women & how they have become so demanding nowadays,I need this I need that,I want things like this I want things like that,equal this equal that,but let’s keep in mind that a woman & man both have their own place at the end of the day & there is nothing like the feel,company,sight,loving,conversation & backing of a REAL woman. Now most claim to be this but fall far short of description. Know …that you can’t demand anything that you haven’t put the work in to accompany such demands.A man needs love/loving & affection in order to feel like a man not ridicule & negativity,don’t get me wrong no woman should lay down her soul or loose sight of who she is in order to please her man or support some lazy worthless abusive looser,no relationship is perfect but with proper nurturing & attention any relationship can come close. In short women act like women,and if your a mother respect your family keep to values love your man and give valid effort and the payout will be astronomical

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