Thursday, April 16, 2015


: Ever had that moment where that BIG thing that you swore by turned failure,or that once it happens the achievement felt meaningless or bittersweet? happens to me all the damn time..we all are taught to strive to be the best,that our accomplishments define u,I'd have to agree to a certain degree. Tell me this,what happens when the drive for accomplishment begins to overpower judgement?and that will to accomplish is all that you now see.People tend to model themselves in whatever image they portray as who or where they want to not knowing that that image is not always easy or what it seems underneath. The ability or desire to muck in someone else's life is never going to stop,but the truth of it is half of the time the advice is bad and one sided,also it's hard to point someone in the right direction without any idea of what that direction should be..(example)Everyone isn't meant to be a doctor or lawyer etc. so how can one model themselves exactly like someone else? or live their life exactly as someone else has?back to my point,it takes a certain amount of ingredients to create the correct recipe,your accomplishments shouldn't be the only ingredient in your life dish. I won't attempt to tell you what you should add,but block out the influence and focus on adding a solid foundation to those accomplishments  

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