Saturday, April 11, 2015

How Could We?

An insert that I thought I should write in is the fact that we are always making excuses to justify fault for just about everything in our lives,I know,because I find myself doing it at times also,but some shit I will never excuse and that's disrespect of our parents or elders..there is a difference in respect and just going along with something that everyone says,until you are of age a child needs guidance,of course they don't think so..but can't take care of themselves,have...n't been thru anything,but know everything,some adults fall under the same category because of the cycle of the error that some of us as parents make in thinking that because we live in the same house and take care of their wants and give in to get along that that's good parenting when the actions and mentality of children nowadays are all screwed up.Oh my life is sooo horrible because I didn't get a pair of shoes,a new phone,get to stay out past curfew,my parents want me to clean my room or do chores,I have to spend time with my little sister or brother instead of my friends or boyfriend,I can't sleepover at someone's house.Wake Up!the definition of parent is yes provider,but also protector,even if it doesn't make the child happy,it has to be done,instill values at all cost,there should be rules in order to build structure,so quick to diagnose everything when in reality a child that has never been taught to have discipline can't cope with it being enforced on them,and will lack the know how in adulthood.Back in the day I remember walking to school,saving up for my own first car,doing odd jobs for money before I could even work,respectful tone and no cursing in front of your parents,chores,family nights,family outings,church then out to dinner on Sunday.If we don't even put forth the effort to raise our kids we can't in all honesty expect the to turn out successful and productive adults can we
? }-A sad reality when we have gotten past seeking wisdom from our elders,when we have gotten past the will to see our seeds succeed and not just get by,a time when respect is something that we were born to demand,that our own self absorption has lead to the slow demise of any sense of moral fiber in our children and youth,the assumption that we don't have to listen to our leaders and or parents,the fact that in a lot of instances our leaders are not who ...we should even be following.The fact that nowadays there is no backbone or structure in a large percentage of today's households,the bar has been set so low,no will nor desire to achieve,self worth,ability to stand on ones own two feet without a need to feel defined by groups or the situation of being constantly tied to someone. What is the definition of family?what is the definition of love?what is the definition of a good parent? I bet everyone thinks they know,I am comfortable not having a clue,but a harsh wake up is that I hear these words all the time and know for a fact that they are a great oversight for many. It's not enough to give birth,there are 18 years of blood sweat and tears there after,it's the little things that we take for granted,those simple things that we constantly overlook as insignificant that mean the world to a child,it's not about the child support,which is so one sided,because believe it or not a lot of fathers would actually rather be in there kids life on a constant basis instead,but by design it almost never works out that way.I say this over and over again, it's not about doing what's convenient or what we want to do all the time,sometimes we should try doing what we need to do.

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