Thursday, August 6, 2020

Too Proud To Hear,See,Love Ourselves

I am a black man riddled with so many stereotypical,judgmental,racial,hypocritical so on and so forth,confused and conflicted with how we fail to see the bigger picture of life and purpose. I had a disturbing and disappointing conversation with a young woman of color and her views on interracial dating and mixed race children saddened me. We are all god’s children,we are all human before anything else,if we bring up the past to justify hatred,define our future,then there’s no future. If everyone just stays stuck in the eye for eye mentality,kill or be killed attitude,how can we possibly focus on preserving this beautiful place we’ve been blessed to inhabit. Four words that I live by now,peace,love,unity and respect.Too much pride can lead to missed blessings,happiness and opportunities. Pride is not hate,being proud of who I am does not mean that I have to hate or just tolerate everyone else. I always envision something better,no matter what anyone else says or thinks,because you have to faith things into existence.To know my history and respect where I came from does not mean go forward locked in a maze of negativity. We demand respect yet we don’t carry on in a way that affirms that.Breaking the chains that bound us,everything starts in the mind,then the heart follows🤔

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