Monday, August 24, 2020

Police Brutality, Racism, Shootings, Peace

The difference between me and you is? Pay attention to the video (first scene black male,second scene caucasian male)I’m not one for posting this type of shit on my platform,but I’m just a little bit pissed off,I bust my ass just trying to make a way,a change,a name for myself,I try to live right,love ALL,I pay taxes,but this makes me feel like a prisoner of my own mind,I Am Here!,I Will Not Go Backwards!⛓I’m sick of feeling like there is no morals when your skin is the same color as mine,that there is a possibility that today could be the day that I have to face this inhuman,senseless ugliness that seems to be morbidly normal when I step outside my fucking door😡😤🤬🤢.#policebrutality #racism #peace  this is posted on all my platforms as well so look me up 

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