Sunday, June 10, 2018

Tip Of The Iceberg

The power is in people,in case you didn’t see or recognize that,subliminal messages,deferring tactics,media programming,I agree with Kanye West on one thing,because man slavery is a choice at this point in time,and just because we come from slum bs,ignorant generational traditions don’t necessarily mean that hat we have to adhere to that self destructive culture or behavior. The desire to be in demand,losing self respect to gain public approval or appeal,men acting like women,women acting like men,the undercover brotha syndrome,genocide for popularity🤔 how can I say that I embrace my race if I’m willing to senselessly kill one of my own nationality,humiliate anyone just to gain the respect of people who thrive on turmoil,thrive on controversy,I’m well aware that shit that makes people think will not be what’s up,but who gives a fk though;it’s easy to say what’s popular or people want to hear,its easy to use excuses to hurt people rather than to uplift them,it’s easier to take a short destructive trip rather than a long successful journey. Not all pictures will be painted pretty,some are abstract and take a little more time to see the bigger...

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