Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Name Drops

Okay so I just came up with this segment of my blog which I decided to call name drops;so every so often I’ll drop something pertaining to something media based about someone that I consider worth mentioning and you guys can share your thoughts on it.Now while I don’t really fancy promoting content whether good or bad I figure I’d give my readers a little something different to break up the monotony. That being said I want to talk about J Prince and his new book The Art & Science Of Respect; I’ve always been an admirer of J since he first publicly appeared on the scene as CEO of Rap A Lot Records and his first main stream group The Ghetto Boys back in 1986,he has an extensive resume from a multitude of other acts as well as a hand in boxing as well as community contributions also. J prince is well known as a big influence in the music industry and his get things done mentality or reputation isn’t just talk. For me the act of making something from nothing,the ability to remain humble in the process,the act of sharing,knowledge etc wins my respect hands down ,and when we talk about respect many people don’t get what it really means,and a large percentage of people just lack the ability to,that said,I haven’t had the chance to read the book yet,but how many of you think that you’ll purchase his book?and once you’ve read  it what’s your thoughts on it as well? 

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